Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Review: My Student LogBook

Earlier this year on one of the homeschool message boards I frequent I heard chatter about something called My Student Logbook. Now if you know me you know I have a small addiction to planners. I know most girls stock up on shoes & purses but I tend to stop up on planners. So much so that generally when I see chat about planners I tend to run the other way.

However, I'm really really glad I didn't run the other way when it came to the lovely My Student Logbook {MSL} because oh my goodness it's lovely! In fact, I was very intrigued by it & decided to contact the author to see about reviewing it.  I'm not one to enjoy swapping reviews for product because I often worry that once the product arrives I might not like it. See, I told you I had a planner addiction!

Here's the thing about the MSL it's so amazingly simplistic & extremely effective! We've been using ours for a few weeks now & I've been bursting at the seams to share about it.

How I Use It:
It's pretty simple. I'd all ready watched the set up video before our copy arrived so I was pretty confident in what I was doing, but just to be sure I watched the video again & read the information that comes in the front of the planner. Seriously, it takes minutes.

I laid out the planner in the order & schedule that we use for our home/school for the current term. From there I handed it to my child & explained how it worked. We decided to write the days of the week across the top with the dates under that. Not that it truly matters if his planner his dated, but sometimes he'll ask me the date & that's a great way for him to know it himself.

He uses the same page all week. Then we simply flip it behind the schedule & he's all ready for a fresh week with the simple flip of a paper. I told you it was simple didn't I?! I wasn't kidding around here! When my child finishes something he simply checks his planner to tick it off in whatever fashion he desires: stickers, check mark, smile face, squeals of joy, you get the point. Then he looks at his list & moves right on to the next one.

There's no more, "How much more stuff do we have to go?" or "I was playing because I didn't know for sure what to do next!" It's all right there & if he's not doing it there's really no excuse.

What I Love About It:

Seriously, it doesn't get much more simple then that! Complicated doesn't happen, as in we don't stick with it for long. Simple we love & follow through with. Simple is good.

Ease of use. We can set up an entire Term {or more} worth of planning for him in 5-10 minutes. That's truly all it took me the first time I set it up & he's been using that same schedule for a few weeks now. I don't see it changing this term, & probably not next term either.

Order. Jayden is a lot like me in that he likes things to follow the same order over & over again. It lets him know what to expect when & he can work in what he wants to do around that. The first thing he does when 9am rolls around is pull out his planer & check to see what needs doing. He takes a lot of delight in ticking things off as his day moves forward & his excitement grows as he goes.

Price. Admittedly, I didn't pay for the MSL that we have, but I am planning to order another one! $15 isn't bad for a planner they can use every week of the year. Cause here's the thing, you can even plan out their Term Break weeks & their Summer Days to be sure those chores get done. Yep, I throw their chores in their planners as much as their school!

Covers. When I was looking at them I noticed there was a cover with Fighter Jets on it. My "Everything Army" guy was in love with that cover instantly! The only thing that could have impressed him more would have been to see Camo. There are many different covers to choose from though, so if Fighter Jets aren't your thing they've got you covered. The covers are also plastic, which means durability! Now the pictures that are on the covers aren't plastic, but there's a plastic sheet in front of it, I just felt I should verify that!

The Extras. Inside the front cover is a list of Holidays. Now admittedly most of those are US holidays & we don't often celebrate each of them, but there are lots of others ones listed to & ones we do celebrate here as well. So the next time Jayde asks me when something is I can tell him to check his planner. All though he might wonder why his birthday isn't considered a holiday.  There's also a few pages in the back to keep track of book lists.

Not Dated. This is huge for me. A lot of planners for school, be them for home educators or not, drive me insane. Why? Because most people presume the world schools from September - June. Here's the thing, we don't. We live in the S. Hemisphere & we start school in February as the last fleeting days of summer make their escape. We school clear through until December with weeks off here & there. It's so nice to have a planner that can accommodate any schedule you choose to school on that I just have toot that horn. It makes me very happy.

What I Don't Like:

Okay, there's seriously nothing not to like here. There are only 1 thing that I could see that could possibly make this planner any better.

A pdf version. Not because I don't love the printed version, I do! Rather it would save international users/customers on shipping! That, & sometimes I'm a bit crazy & wait a little to late to order those "oops I forgot about!" things for school.

Bottom Line:
We seriously love this planner! I know it might sound cliche to say, but honestly it brought a lot of order to our day. No more wandering around stating he doesn't know what to do. It's all written out in the order he's suppose to do it in. If he's seen wandering I ask to see his planner. That simple!

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Nancy Ann said...

I agree, this looks like a great planner. I am still using up our old one but the next time I order a student planner I am seriously considering this one. Thanks for the review!