Thursday, September 19, 2013

Movie Making

Last year for Jayden's birthday we bought him a little tiny hot wheels video camera. It was the one thing he really wanted & considering he was constantly asking to borrow our phones or cameras to do this we decided it was a great choice. Over the past year he's made some pretty silly videos, but very few of them are more then silly jokes or him beating up stuffed animals, & things like that.

He goes through stages with the video camera & he's currently in another stage. My last straw came when he started making the umpteenth icky joke with his video camera, which he of course finds hilarious & doesn't understand why no one is laughing. So I told him he needed to write a movie script, he groaned. I told him I'd write it, but he was equally disgusted.

So instead, I stared giving him ideas knowing full well what would capture his interest. Before long he was fully on board & equally delighted to be giving me full details to write down. Of course our script is pretty basic considering he only has 2 actors in it, himself being one. But it's him!

It'll be fun to see if this inspires a little more interesting videos or if we'll still have to put up with non-stop insanity from his videos. In the mean time I think he's booked out his weekend for this funny little video!

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