Tuesday, September 24, 2013

More Large Maps

It only took us the first three terms to get a supersized map of Australia hung up, but we finally did it! We used a slightly different technique for putting this one together too. Instead of trimming the paper we just taped them, on the back side, together edge to edge. Then I used a black marker to connect the lines. For the most part it worked without issue except down there on poor old Victoria where her coastline is a little messed up.  Don't get too picky about our waterways either, will you?

We've added our tags from Winter Promise & were a little disappointed at the lack of them. With the USA we had a tag for each of the 50 states so we'd rather hoped we'd have 7 tags for the states & territories of Australia. We also only had a couple of cities to label. But, in all fairness that's okay. The idea of the map wasn't so much for our CAW studies as it was/is for our lovely Aussie History studies. I like to have the kids find the places we're reading about on the maps & label them. Thus the super sized map.

Mind you, we haven't labeled much, but that's okay too as we most of what we've read, thus far, has taken place in Sydney Cove area. We'll start with some early explorers, all though the Bass Straight might all ready be labeled there. And yes, we know Tasmania is slightly squashed & dumpy looking. It threw us for a loop for a while because I couldn't quite put my finger on what was wrong with the map until we had it all taped together & noticed that it was Tasmania that was doing us in. Alas...

This was the 25 page map & I simply didn't put on the top lefthand corner because it was going to be blank, the same for the bottom left pages. You will have some blank ones in the middle as it's not a political map & we outlined the states & territories ourselves. Once we had the states drawn in I called all hands on deck to help colour them in. The idea was to pick a different colour for each state so none were confused with another, but in the photo the Northern Territory &  New South Wales look the same colour. One is actually pink while the other was read, but I think my "all hands on deck" may have cross coloured them at times because they do seem to blend together a bit at times. Oh well.

If you haven't made a supersized map you've really got to try it out! We still need to make one for Africa & Asia to round out our CAW studies & then we might be able to lay them all next to each other & see how they hook up. We might need a really calm day to do it in the back garden, you know as long as we can keep the dog off the maps!

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