Friday, September 20, 2013

More Books

When we picked up the Roy & Matlida book we also snagged a few other lovelies from the clearance shelf. There were quite a few lovely books there actually, but we showed a little reserve & only took a few. I was delighted to find one of the Barrumbi books on special as those were on our list to read later this year, or next, as part of our Aussie History studies. Mind you, it's not the first one in the series, but that's okay.

Escape To Eaglehawk was a delightful find, all though not on our list, as it takes place in Tasmania. The book is about 2 convicts who attempt to escape from Point Puet. We've read another book about the boys camp before when we read Castaway Convict which is a delightful read, but didn't tell a great deal about life in the prison as the boy escaped in a rather round-about way.

I also spotted Chinese Cinderella which has a wee bit of a funny story to it because I pointed to the book & told the kids it was a bit of a sad story. The same author has written another book with the exact same title, only it's full title is: Chinese Cinderella The Story Of An Unwanted Daughter. I read that earlier this year & it was an incredibly sad story. Only, as it turns out this books title is ever so slightly different: Chinese Cinderella The Mystery of The Song Dynasty Painting. Which I only realised upon reading the back cover because the boys pointed out the cover was a little different then the one I'd read before. Ha!

The books are different so I picked up it up as a fun Read Aloud, perhaps this summer, to round off some of our Asian studies. While Morgan covered China all ready this year Jayden hasn't so I thought it might be a fun read when we review China. We'll see, as we also have a couple of audio books to listen to for that country as well.

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traceyrox74 said...

Beware of 'Escape to Eaglehawk'. I read it aloud to my two sons and discovered it had a few pages referring to the pedophilia that occurred in these places. It's mentioned a bit but there's a few pages where I had to jump whole paragraphs. I was surprised as it's a book that children used to read for a school title many years back. I'm usually okay with gruesome realities - we're reading about the Jewish holocaust currently - but I had to draw a line with this book. It's a great book though, but I just thought you needed a heads up.