Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ladybird Art

I don't really consider myself an artistically inclined person, but I know how much my kids love doing art projects. So I'm trying to make a huge effort to do art with them more often. I've actually purchased an art curriculum to use, but it's not officially here yet.. Anyway, I won't say I teach them any techniques considering I'm not sure I'd know if I know any myself. Instead I just flag ideas as I spot them, mostly from Art Projects For Kids.

Then when we have a day where things aren't too crazy I just select one, round up the supplies & the kids. When we did the ladybird art project last week it was the same thing. I didn't want to do a painting project because honestly I wasn't up for the mess on that particular day. Truthfully the guys are good about helping clean it up, but because some of us take longer on projects then others it can also mean wrangling them back in. I wanted to keep it simple.

That's why I selected a project that was basically cut & paste. I had, believe it or not, forgotten that Jayden hates glue. He often refers to it as his worst enemy with all sincerity. He actually didn't mind working on this project, all though he did make his typical glue statement about halfway through the project, but then piped up with, "But it's okay Mom, I don't mind this!"

Our projects were derived from this idea. Which APFK had flagged on Pinterest, & thus I'd seen it. How's that for a round-about way of getting a project to use with your kids? Thus there were no specific directions on how to do the project so we just went with it. All of ours turned out different & everyone was pleased with how they turned out which makes it a pretty big win-win around here!

Incase you're wondering we just random strips from three different colours of green paper. We pulled out some dirt & sand coloured brown paper & cut waves into them. We used a large round punch for the ladybirds. We glued it all down as we desired on heavier sheets of white paper. The details on the bugs was done with black marker. We mounted them on natural paper & then Morgan thought it would be cool to make it look properly mounted so I cut some black corners out for everyone. Morgan's is on top, Jayden's is bottom left, mine is bottom right.

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