Sunday, September 22, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 29

This was suppose to be one of those insanely busy weeks for us that turned itself upside down & was equally busy, just not in the ways we'd expected. It can be frustrating when that happens, but we're learning to take it in stride.

You just gotta love it when a week is so busy it felt like it was a lot longer then a week ago that things happened. Or you can't even remember what happened at the start of the week without looking back over your notes & photos. Yep, it was that kinda insane week for us here, & the weekend was a very welcome sight indeed!

We wrapped up another entire continent this week which was a lovely accomplishment. Yes, it seems absurd we can wrap up an entire continent in a week, but when you consider we all ready live here it's probably a little easier to understand!

The boys are now in their final countdown for term break, all though I haven't heard any plans on what they expect to do during that time. I suspect a whole lot of movie making & lego playing though.

Morgan finished up Lesson 30 in his math book! That was the last lesson in the book & he'll work on the Final Book Test next week. Don't ask me what he was contemplating there, I think he's double checking all his Roman Numerals which he does phenomenally well with.  Jayden, whom I seem to have few pictures of this week, is up to Lesson 7 in his math book. I'm actually quite happy that we have term break coming up so I can look over his book & decide how many unit tests I want him to take to figure out where to place him in his book. I think he'll end up skipping a fair few lessons again next term because he simply all ready knows the information. Not sure about Morgan as we'll wait to make that choice when his Epsilon book shows up!

Jayden has nearly wrapped up Week 3 in Zoology 3. I doubt we'll finish the book this year, but that's okay. His choice for science next year is only a 2 day course with the option of being done 1x a week so he can also use the remainder of Zoology 3 during the year as well. We had a great time learning about bears & it was interesting to hear their nose was the most sensitive part, you know, in case you get in a fight with a bear.

Morgan wrapped up most of Lesson 6 in Human Anatomy too, he's doing really well with the little schedule I made for him. He's constantly giving us tidbits on what he learned & his notes are rather impressive as well. He's a little disappointed by the experiments in the book because they are either ones we've done, seen done, or are pretty simplistic. I think he'll be delighted with his science next year.

We had a grand laugh over Paddington's escapades this week. He managed to saw a table in half & as the boys were retelling the chapter to Mr S Nana walked in & was horrified to hear someone had cut a table in half. She was quite interested to know which of our tables had the unfortunate end when the boys explained it was only Paddington. Jayden has nearly wrapped up the book he was reading aloud to me, in fact he should have, but the tail end of our week was insane & he didn't read to me on those days.

We started Nanaberry this week for our latest Australian history. This book starts out with a small pox breakout in an Aborigine tribe, but quickly moved to a convicts point of view, & then a Surgeon's view. You hear the story from the various view points & of course they eventually all converge.   We also read the book Red Sand, Blue Sky which was our geography book, also taking place in Australia. It gave a lovely view of life in the Nullabor contrasted with life in Melbourne, all though I wouldn't say it gives an overall view of life in Australia. Either way, the boys enjoyed the story.

Our radiator blew on Tuesday evening so Wednesday I dropped it at with the mechanic & walked back home. We're not too far from town & the walk back was about an hour. I'd left the kids with their planners & pointed out things they could do on their own including labling their Australian map. Only, upon returning home only one child had done his math & science. Nothing else had been accomplished because apparently Jayden had tried to call me to ask what page in math he was suppose to do, & I didn't pick up. Then the mechanic called me & I didn't pick up so he called the house. In a total panic the boys called Mr S at work who also tried to call me to no avail. Before you freak, Nana was with my kids. I get home, after being chased down our road, in the rain I might add, by some wonderfully territorial plovers my children greeted me with, "Your wet & we tried to call you & you didn't answer & daddy tried to call you & you didn't answer & now everyone is panicked! Where were you?" To which I replied, "Oh sniffing lilacs." Apparently my phone was on silent. It was a wonderfully quiet walk home, & I really did stop to sniff someone's lilacs, all though it was hard I resisted picking a few.

Once things calmed down we finished up our Australian pages, the boys had a spot to draw themselves as wanted BushRangers which delighted them to no end. That's Jayden's fellow who was starting to look a lot like the Big Bad Bushranger in the book of the same name, all though it was a koala. Morgan was apparently wanted, on what charges I have no idea, for a great sum of money.

After spending 5 hours in town on Wednesday waiting on the car I brought it home & it spewed coolant all over my driveway. I cleaned up the mess praying it was just from the first issue, but upon getting Mr S from work we discovered another mess of it after turning the car off again. So we dropped the car with the mechanic on Thursday & walked over to a local museum to meet up with our home ed group for a tour. The boys were a little disappointed in the display, admittedly so was I, as it didn't offer as much as it has in the past & I think it was described differently then it was. To top it off all the experiments they did, as the display lacked a bit of hands on this time, were ones we've done many times at home including the rocket launching! All though it did encourage the kids to come home & dig our launcher out & give it a go. Afterwards we walked back to the car shop & our car was all most done. It had a faulty cap on it that they fixed, under warranty, & had us back on the road shortly thereafter.

The car was done in time to haul the kids to swim lessons. The boys were so excited to see that their practice paid off & they could easily swim from one end of the pool to the other without needing to stop for air. Then we came home & crashed! We were suppose to go to two birthday parties this week as well, but unfortunately between sickness & other things happening we didn't make it to either. The boys were extremely disappointed, but gracious enough to take it in stride.

We also had to manoeuvre school around a couple of meetings & Dr's appointments this week as the boys Nana is staying with us while she recoups from a broken hip. Thankfully the boys worked well on their own while I dropped Nana at various appointments. We're looking forward to a much calmer week to finish out our term in!

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