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2013 Week in Review: Week 27

Another week behind us as we continue to make a mad dash for the end of Term 3 around here. Mind you, we're in a lovely groove here with our schedule & it sorta kinda makes you not want to stop, but a break will be lovely. Besides, I think we might all revolt if we didn't take a short break!

This was a nice normal week for us without lots of extras happening. I like calm weeks which allow us to cover more in less time because no one is stressed out. In fact we managed to finish a read aloud this week, start another & finish that one too! Talk about being on a roll. We started a third one as well which we're pretty excited about too.

We had some lovely spring weather this week which had us outside with lessons & encouraged the boys to get done with their work before lunch time so they could spend the afternoon lapping up the sun.

We've had a lot of rain in August so seeing the sun so often has just been downright exciting around these parts! There's nothing quite like a long dreary month of rain to make you appreciate the sun again.

We're still doing our poetry over breakfast in the morning. Mr S has taken to reading a good portion of the poems aloud to us while we all fiddle around fixing our breakfasts. The yellow book is Morgan's poetry book from Core F: All The Small Poems & 14 More. The one Mr S is reading from is the one I picked up for Jayden called: The Beauty Of The Beast & then of course the Poem A Day book we picked up last month.

Jayden is still working on his ck/k rule for spelling. He knows the rule, but applying it has been interesting. Which reminded me that he might be better off using the tiles for the week. I pulled out the ck & k tiles & would only let him spell everything up until the /k/ sound. Then he would choose which version to use. He did excellent that way, so we practiced the floss rule as well which he could also quote but often forgot to double up on those letters! We'll see if it all stuck by Monday or if we need more review again. Morgan didn't do spelling as we were still awaiting his cards to arrive, which did eventually happen!

Both boys moved forward in their math books. I seem to only have a photo of Jayden as Morgan does his math on his own these days. Morgan still worked on later lessons in his Delta book & now has a mere 3 lessons to finish off before he's done with his book. Yippie! Jayden really could have done more then 1 lesson but he was convinced he wouldn't be able to multiply. You know, that thing he does every morning with the flashcard in our memory box. Ha, yep we had a giggle afterwards. Morgan worked on review pages after watching his videos because he knew the content again {Roman Numerals & more basic fraction work.} Next week will prove a little more challenging, but considering he did the problems in the review work I'm betting they won't trip him up.

We did some of our reading aloud outside while the kids decided playing in the sandpit would be fun. Yeah, it needs a little weeding there. Jayden was happily digging away at making a tunnel when I read about an Australian spider that burrows underground from our history book. Yes it's a dangerous spider if you get bit. He sat bolt upright & said, "Keep reading! What does it say about sand!" We're still giggling about that one.

Jayden & I read his science outside a few times this week too, much to his delight. Zoology & outdoors created the perfect little heaven for him for a few hours. We're moving much more slowly through this book then Morgan is moving through his. It helps that Morgan does his completely on his own, all though he does come & narrate back to me what he learned about. Then I have him summarise it down to only a couple of sentences to fit in his notebook or even a little booklet for the day. I'd like to see us pick up the pace a bit more with this book, but seriously it's not a huge rush.

I tried something new this week for Morgan recording some video glasses for him. I was encouraging him to do his Bible on his own, but he was really nervous about it. Which inspired the idea to do a video recording where I was with him & yet he was still doing it on his own. The first day I decided I might do a voice recording & ducked into another room to work on it only to find I'd forgotten to hit the record button. Then the crazy ipod died on me 30 seconds before I was done. So the next Morgan I snagged Mr S's computer & made a quick recording. Morgan absolutely loved it when I asked him about it later. The picture above is Mr S, not crying, but roaring with laughter & Jayden is giggling along. He'd opened his computer to find the video open & asked what on earth we'd been up to. I told him I'd made the video like we'd discussed. Morgan said, "Oh you should watch it Dad, Mom doesn't edit it so funny things happen!" Yes, if you consider getting slapped in the face with a book funny, or forgetting your Bible when it comes to Bible study. Or, how about forgetting the camera reverses things & suddenly you can't point to blank lines. Or when I sat there making funny faces while he was suppose to be writing things down. So Mr S watched it in fast forward which produced a lovely high pitched squeaky voice & double the fun in freaky faces I made.

Jayden's Bible was a little less hilarious this week, but he still enjoyed himself. He decided to start colouring verses in his Bible this week & was so delighted to tell Morgan what he'd done. He lost a little wind when Morgan said, "I know I do that!" Yes, he's still studying Jonah & enjoying it. All though by the time we are done I'm pretty sure we might know the book of Jonah by heart, which isn't such a bad thing!

 We were on to Mexico this week! The boys enjoyed their notebooking pages & had quite a few to do this week which included drawing a bit & personalising them too. Top notches with them. We're really loving our technique for getting those maps filled in & they love the whole treasure hunt of hunting down the various cities, waterways, & mountains. Loving the DK Atlas for those pages!

After colouring in some Mexican Ponchos the way they'd like them to look if they purchased them & learning about the Mayans they were reminded of the movie The Road To Eldorado & after finishing their school they asked if they could watch it. They enjoyed picking out similarities to what we'd learned about including the scene in the movie where they play that insane ball game.

We worked away, again, through portions of all these books this week. It was really interesting to read about Mexico & then Guatemala in Hungry Planet this week. I don't know if it's because the family from Mexico was in Mexico City or not, but their family consumed a lot of prepackaged food where as the family from Guatemala ate more like we expected the typical Mexican family would. In World Religions we learned that those Mayans had a strange fetish with death, & some of what we learned reminded me of the Israelites & their poor choices while Moses was up the mountain talking with God. We still can't get enough of the DK How People Live book. It's just fantastic & worth the wait we had as we'd ordered it used from the US.

We made our way through Chapter 6 in History Of Australia which is, as I mentioned before, a lengthier chapter then it's previous ones but well worth the read. It grazed over some things, but at least they were mentioned which gave us the opportunity to dig deeper. While I read that particular chapter I asked the boys to take notes in whatever fashion they wanted. This means they can draw pictures of key events, write phrases, words, or whatever. Then I had them tell me about what they'd taken notes on & I typed it up to print out for their timeline notebooks. We're just over halfway through Surviving Sydney Cove which they begged for more of each time I put down this week. I must apologise to whomever has this book on hold in the state library system as our local branch renewed it for us. We'll finish it this week & return it so someone else can enjoy it!

We wrapped up Water Sky late one evening early this week. It was a slow start, but once it got going it was harder to put down. A lovely look at inuit life up in Alaska. We moved on to Listening For Lions which I could not wait to read with the boys & we blew threw that book in two days as it too was a hard to put down book. David Livingstone is our missionary & we're still reading his story. We ended up starting another new book which also takes place in Africa. Our intended next destination after S. America was going to be Africa, but I'm thinking we might take a slight detour & stop in Oceania instead as we're a bit ahead this term in our Theme & we could easily work in the extra space we have, thus saving Africa for next term as originally planned. We'll see what unfolds.

The weather was so beautiful the boys wanted to go for a bike ride when I suggested a walk. We're down a bike for kids as one of our bikes had an unfortunate end. So we ended up giving Morgan's bike to Jayden & since we haven't gotten out to get Morgan a new one yet he decided to take a bigwheel type bike we had. I decided to walk the dog instead of riding.

There were a few misses in our review of European geography this week so we all went & peeked at the giant map which was moved to the hallway recently. After we each studied it a bit we tried again. I'd love to make one of these maps absolutely massive & have it laminated so one could play games on it, could you imagine how amazing that would be?!

Typical swim practices earlier this week & swim lessons on Thursday. I'm debating changing the boys, if possible, to Monday swim lessons next term instead of Thursdays leaving our last two days of the week a bit more open. We'll see though. This week they learned side stroke, & were told how important it was, especially if they even wanted to consider a career in lifesaving. Then he told them his only rescue in all the years he's been lifeguarding was a cow that didn't want rescuing. The looks on the kids faces were priceless, & the parents weren't much better either!

Friday we met up with a few friends at our house & the kids did a fun art project, had fun playing together, worked on a fun little challenge, & then we all learned the Auslan finger alphabet. {Yep, it's way different then the finger alphabet I grew up using!} The boys have been practicing it each evening & spelling all sorts of funny things with it. A lovely day, which my kids dubbed, "One of the best Fridays ever!"

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