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2013 Week In Review: Week 26

A short week of academics this week for the boys as they had two days of outings this week, but we knew going into this week that's how it would be & were happily prepared for it.

Meaning that they worked a little ahead in our lovely extra day last week. I'm not sure they knew it was an extra day last week, but that's okay it all works.

The picture to the left there has little to do with this post, incase you're wondering. It's a stack of books I had opened for preparing the next couple of Australian History topics we'll be studying.

After a meeting on Sunday evening with Morgan we discussed putting the final 2 division lessons on hold in his math book & skipping ahead to the fraction, cubit units, & Roman Numeral lessons. Why? Because he knows that information all ready & it would be a lovely refreshed for him while giving him a bit of a brain break. He was on division overload the other week & I really thought offering a minor break while moving forward with his book was the wisest choice. He wasn't so sure because he didn't want to not finish those lessons, but once I made it clear he'd go back to them he was fine. He's on course to finish his book by the end of Term 3.  Jayden started Gamma this week which he was very excited about, except the disc decided to give us grief. Thankfully we have a spare dvd player we can use, it only meant scaling tons of boxes & other odd bits to reach it because I still hadn't finish the major rearrange I was doing around here.

Morgan's eye site is slipping again, or rather catching up with him. Now that he's conquered another level of reading the books he's up to have smaller print, again. This wouldn't be an issue but the normal Eye Guy told us the muscle one uses to focus on small things for Morgan was underdeveloped. The solution to the problem is reading glasses, but he wanted us to wait it out hoping that Morgan would outgrow the problem. This is not the case & Morgan will need to return to the Eye Guy next month. He's horrified, Morgan not the Eye Guy, but that's another post all it's own. In the mean time I pulled up Paddington Helps Out on Kindle, adjusted the font to extra huge {all most literally} & he's doing fine with it. In fact, somebody decided to put his math on hold to come listen to his big brother reading Paddington's latest mishaps.

We had a lot of audio book listening this week too. The boys are enamoured with it our current selection. It's been nice having them ask to turn it on while I'm making dinner because then I don't have to hunt down my headphones that Mr S is constantly misplacing.

Morgan found his cross-stitch picture & pulled that out to work on. He refused to wear his glasses while working on it so had to pull a few stitches out that didn't hit their marks. He'd hope to finish it in time for the Art Exhibition last week, but he didn't quite make it. He could have brought it as it was, but he decided against it.

Morgan wrapped up another week with his science bringing digestion to a close. More of this was a little bit deeper then some of what he learned earlier this year with the SL F science. We also relived the trip to the science museum when he got to help make all sorts of gross things going through the digestion tracks. He's still using the schedule I wrote up for him, all though one thing we changed is that when he comes to vocabulary words in his reading each day he does that on the crossword puzzle. Thus he's not trying to remember each word & it's meaning on the final day of his studies.

Jayden is now doing Zoology 3 for science & hamming it up. We take turns reading the text & he prefers we sit in the bottom bunk in his room for science lessons. He's only in Chapter 2 as I suspect he'll move slightly slower through his book. Lots of animals are covered in each chapter so we'll see how it unfolds. I haven't quite finished the planning for that entire book yet. Last week we learned about various Animal jobs & heroic dog stories.

Jayden moved into the next book in his line up of required reading. This book is small, but we only read for a designated amount of time. He was annoyed that we didn't quite get up to the actual secret soldier part last week, just the back store of Deborah's life. You'd think he hadn't read this book before..

We've officially landed in our Australian history. We didn't read as much of the selections I'd scheduled for the week as I was hit with a wicked cold last weekend that left me with a wretched cough & sore throat into Wednesday. We did however start Surviving Sydney Cove which is about Elizabeth Harvey's time as a convict working in Sydney Cove. I also pulled our Prime minister book off the shelf as their is a bit of information in it about the first governor I wanted to read to the kids.

We should have finished Water Sky as well, but again that crazy throat of mine. Having said that it's not horrible timing to be behind with it as we studied Canada this week & the book takes place in parts of that area not to mention it discusses the life of the Inuit Peoples which we read about in our Canadian studies too. I'd really love to finish that up this coming week or sooner though. I'm desperate to start reading Listening For Lions with the boys. I read it a few years ago & loved it!

The boys went ga-ga with Canada & of course were overjoyed to know that I'd been there before. In fact I think I still have my souvenir in the attic at Mom's place, or rather the crawl space. It was a snowglobe, what else?! Anyway, one of their NB pages spoke of daredevils attempting to cross the falls. So they were suppose to draw a photo of one. Ahh yes, well Jayden decided to draw one of someone who didn't quite make it. Isn't he lovely? Boys!!

Thursday, despite my lingering cough & snuffy nose, the boys had an Art Exhibition to attend. This was with one of our local Home Ed groups. The idea was that people brought art they'd worked on {any & all} to display, & some to show how to do. The kids really enjoyed checking out what each other had been up to & the Mums enjoyed trying their hands at new things and chatting. One of the Dad's brought some wood working which was a huge hit. Most of the kids, mine included, made their initials out of wood. The boys are now hoping their Uncle has a saw like this they can use, or that we'll buy them one for Christmas.

It was also back to swim lessons, hooray!! I made the boys work hard at their practice sessions even though I wasn't up to my normal lap swimming. Instead I called out strokes & told them how many laps to swim & had them work on form & such. Jayden told me I was funny but not quite as good as their coach. Gee, thanks kid. When they went to their lesson on Friday all the kids in the class did amazing & their coach told them so. Then he asked them what they would like to work on. Our charming little Jayden said, "Handstands!!" Yep, they worked on handstands. I found it quite funny. Then when I asked Jayden what he thought of being on a swim team he said his dives weren't up to that kinda form yet. I suggested next time he consider asking to practice dives instead of handstands then. 

Friday Mr S had off & joined us for a Golf Clinic. With our other Home Ed group one of the father's works at a local golf course & was willing to put on a little clinic for the kids. They loved it & it was fun watching all the kids playing golf in gumboots. It wasn't the driest day for it, but who said the sun has to shine to have fun? We even had a Mum cooking sausages under an umbrella, that's dedication folks! Both boys really loved it & Jayden announced that he'd always wanted to try golf & now he had!

Morgan kinda missed the whole "turn your hips not lift your feet" point. Ha! All in all another lovely week for us here! It's back to the books this week & maybe some foriegn language as our lovely French showed up. We shall see!

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Great week. It looks like lots was accomplished.
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