Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Selecting More Books

After rounding up books for Jayden, I also wanted to round up books for Morgan. Morgan's desires & goals are a little different then Jayden who just needs to keep practicing with his skills. Morgan's our struggling reader & he needs to be challenged at just the right level to help build his skills.

I did a lot of comparing with a new fangled {to me} thing called the Lexile Level. Basically you plug a book title in & it spits out a number. Don't ask me entirely what it means because I'm still incredibly new to it, but it helped me find gradually harder books, based on that number, for Morgan. The idea being that he was reading something to me that was right on his level, so the gradually higher numbers were based off that original book.

It wasn't as confusing as it may sound. I simply selected books I knew he'd enjoy & were suggested for the reading level Dr F said he was reading well at. From there we selected titles that would encourage his skills to grow a little stronger & higher.

He was very excited to find the package on Saturday. I should clarify we still don't get mail delivery on the weekend, but we had a notice to collect the parcel on Friday when we weren't home. Our post office is small & located inside a "fish & chip" shop {think corner store} so we were blessed with the ability to pop in on the weekend & collect the parcel. Made his weekend & encouraged him to wrap up the book we'd been reading too. Not that he liked the ending, but that's another story..

Once the books arrived I also compared their Lexile Level with their supposed reading level which is possible over at Scholastic's Book Wizard. This allowed me to give Morgan a few options to choose which book he'd like to read first, & he was delighted to sit down Monday & read The Whipping Boy. I knew he'd love that book, & he did. In fact he was so delighted with it he kept asking if he could read another chapter.

Morgan's goal for the summer is to read The Lord Of The Ring Trilogy. This is where the Lexile number came in so handy. I could look at the number he was currently reading at & compare it with the number for the Tolkien books. It also made selecting books easier because we knew which levels he needed to progress through.

The stack of books above is not the complete list, it's just the ones to get him started for now, we may purchase the rest as hard copies or we may obtain them on Kindle. Morgan gets a little freaked when the font in books is small & as his skills are progressing, thanks to his lovely glasses & hard work, the font is getting progressively smaller on him. With the kindle we can adjust the size of the font in the books if it truly does become an issue for him.

As for The Creative Writer, that's his summer fun activity. Morgan requested creative writing & I suggested we make a summer of it spending as much time in a day as we want on the topic. He was very excited at first, but then worried because the book wasn't here. To put his mind at ease I ordered the book when I purchased his readers. There was a massive drop down drag out over who got to read it first, & I won. Which of course was declared as completely unfair, but I bought the guys off with chocolate.

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Nancy said...

I am sort of new to the Lexile Level as well. Thanks for the link to that site, very, very helpful!!