Sunday, August 25, 2013

Package Day

Last week was the week of packages, we were waiting on several from within Australia, Book Depository & a big one Mom had said she'd posted to us. The boys were crazy a twiddle with the anticipation & were doing some major postie stalking as they waited.

We ended up getting all our Book Depository stuff & the package from Mom on the same day! Yes, our table is covered with all the stuff from the packages & a bit more & the boys were insanely excited incase you can't tell.

The boys each received some lovely new clothes from Gram, they were seriously over the moon about it. There were also a few gifts for each of them from their Aunt that's in America. Morgan's clutching some of his items.

Lots of school goodies too. A Sonlight Markable Map with two sets of the wet-dry markers. Grammar Ace cd & School House Rock DVD, both of which are part of grammar for the boys next year. Jayden's new math book, which he'll start next week. A handful of new planners we were given to try out. And a few lovely personal items from Mom. And no, incase you're wondering, that is not a pile or rubbish on our table! I hacked up my photo because that was a letter that was mailed to us & took 3 months to return back to Mom and then it was popped in this package to get here.

As for our Book Depository books, those were equally exciting for some of us, especially Jayden who's new science book had arrived: Zoology 3! The first chapter spoke of Animal jobs which we read & then I asked him which one sounded most interesting while making mental notes of things he could do to propel himself towards those jobs. He looks up oh so seriously & says, "None really, I think I've decided to make Playmobil when I grow up instead."

It was quite amusing, but I suspect a fleeting phase. Last month he wanted to start his own animal sanctuary so he could hire people to scoop the poo & he could just deal with the feeding, exercising, & playing of the animals. Yeah, he keeps us laughing..

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Dawn said...

My kids love packages. They look so excited/delighted.
blessings, Dawn