Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Curriculum

No, we're note changing Curriculum this late in the year, but some of our stuff for next year has started arriving at our front door which is pretty exciting. It's a blessing to be able to order things early, but then there's the whole not getting too excited & looking too deeply at it until after you've finished your current school year.

We ordered the above items from CBD which ships internationally. Their shipping prices have risen considerably of late but they no longer ship by sea so we get things pretty quickly now considered to how long it took before. These are all for Morgan's Ancient & World studies next year. Jayden was pretty miffed nothing in the box was for him. I didn't bother to inform him that his math book was sitting at Gram's & she'd be shipping it shortly for him. Somehow, I'm not sure the thought of a math book speeding towards him would really have fixed his emotions.

The book spiral bound item on the bottom is Morgan's science notebook for next year: Apologia's General Science. He was pretty excited with it & stated the kid on the front cover made him want to jump right in. I thought the comment quite funny because I thought the photo a little cheesy, but his reply was, "It's just that he looks so happy he must really find that science fun, makes me wanna start it right now!" The rest of the components are coming from elsewhere so he'll just have to wait until next year to dig in.

The 4 DVDs on top are extras that I thought would offer a bit of fun to his studies. We'll be doing a funky combo of Sonlights older Core W & Winter Promise's Quest studies over the next year or two. The Drive Thru History DvDs above are all based on The Holy Land. I thought seeing the places he was reading about would help put things in perspective & help bring it all to life for him.

We're all pretty keen to watch those & I told them they did not have to wait until school to have a look. I think they had hoped to put them on last night, but they got quite busy explaining their lego & playmobil setups to Mr S last night. Good practice for an upcoming homeschool event!


Edwena said...

Kendra, please let us know what you think about the Drive Thru dvd's as I was thinking of getting those exact ones as we are studying Creation to Christ this year. Thanks for any info.

Nancy said...

I am curious about those DVD's as well. We are going to do Sonlight G and H the next couple years. I may look at the notebooking you are doing this year from Winter Promise to add in for Geography studies.

I love getting new stuff!! Sounds like you are having a good year and good stuff coming up too!