Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Map Marking

Each week the boys fill out a map with our Children Around The World Theme. They enjoy mapping, but it can be difficult for them to write some of the areas down without having it flow into something else. This can cause frustration & the occasional tears.

I decided to suggest a new way which would keep their maps super simple, clean, & easy to read. It keeps the fun in mapping for them & still has them searching & locating all the places set out on their notebooking page.

What I have them do is select specific colours for specific things they must locate on the map. Green is for cities, Blue is for water, Brown is for mountains, Pink is for islands, Orange is for landmarks. Then I have them highlight each group of items in the chosen color, they use a coloured pencil for this. Then they number each group with my lovely fine point coloured pens. Waters are labeled 1-however many there are, as are cities, islands, etc. So the number count starts again when they hit a new group of items.

Then they locate each item in the atlas or on the large world map. Then they identify that space on their map & mark it with those lovely pens. They choose the appropriate colour pen based on what they have located & label it with whatever number they gave it. Then they circle it in that matching colour as well.

It's been so much easier to read their maps & allows them to keep up the fun of searching when they pull out their maps to review them too! It also helps keeping mapping time quick & simple. One really can't complain about that now, can they?


Tara Mitchell said...

Great idea! I hate trying to grade a map crammed full of labels. I've pinned this idea for future reference. :)

Nancy Ann said...

We have this problem as well and so I have my son draw a point and than draw a line from the point out in the open area and than write on the line.