Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Listening Together

One of the goodies in the package that arrived last week was the next instalment of Harry Potter. Until recently the boys had only been permitted books 1 & 2. We reread the first book over the summer & listened to the second one after that. Then we moved into book 3 & 4, both on audio in the evenings. When it came to book 5 I couldn't find my audio copy.

I pulled out the books on cd we'd brought from the US & the ones for this book were in pretty poor condition. Morgan was so desperate to hear the next instalment that he asked if we could try them anyway, which we did, but it sounded like Jim Dale had a combination of the worlds worst stutter compounded with the hiccups. So we picked up the UK version from our local library which is read by Stephen Fry.

Stephen Fry may be a wonderful narrator when it comes to Paddington Bear & he may have the British accent which is so befitting to most of the characters within the Harry Potter series, but I'm afraid when Aunt Petunia sounds like a gruff guy it just wasn't cutting it for us. So we managed to find a set of book 5 on cd narrated by Jim Dale, which is the adored narrator we've listened to for the other books in the series as well. Then the boys had to wait until we were ready for a package to be sent our way.

We enjoy curling up in the later afternoons or early evenings together while everyone works on a small project & we listen to a good book. Mind you, this book reveals so much in this series, but I always struggled with this book no thanks to Professor Umbridge.

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