Friday, August 23, 2013

Kids Planners..

After recently shareing about my weekly planning page & Sherly asked:
So do you have one checklist for both boys? For example, under language arts- is that all for one of the boys? Or some kind of combination? Or do you have a checklist like this (for yourself) for each child? And then you transfer the info to a checklist for each of them? (I'm remembering a somewhat recent post where you showed a picture of their checklists.) I'm trying to figure out a system that will work for us. :)

The answer is slightly complicated. In Term 2 the boys had checklists, but when we started Term 3 it completely slipped my mind to print them out for them. Originally, to create those I cut & paste the information from the main planner page pertinent to each child onto their checklist & then printed it out. It made it quick & simple to accomplish.

The planner page I shared before was simply for me. I fit all that I want the kids to accomplish on those 2 pages. It's simply for me to look at for all the details. We know what books we are using each week, because we use them until we finish them. The question becomes which pages do we read today? That's the information on my Simple Planning page.

Which meant that sometimes when I cut & pasted it into the kids pages it was too much or not enough information. That frustrated them a little bit, but the overall goal of their checklists was accomplished by them knowing what they needed to do before their day was over.

However, I wanted to get something a bit more detailed going for them. We fiddled with the The Well Planned Day Student planners earlier this year, but didn't find our groove with them as well as I'd hoped for both boys. So I wasn't sure if I wanted to return to that idea or not when I was offered the chance to review the newest WPD Student Planner as well as something called My Student Logbook.

I chose to use the WPD for Morgan & the Logbook for Jayden. Both arrived in a lovely package from Mom this week {thanks Mom} & despite being towards the end of our week we started back in our groove of using a planner system for the kids. Now, I have proper reviews, as promised to the companies, coming for both of these products but they absolutely helped our days run so much more smoothly!

The kids knew what to do, when to do it, & if/when they were completely done for their day. I could rave like crazy about the Student Logbook, but I'll save it for my review. However, I will say that not only is it a win with me, Jayden loves it. He filled in his first day with it in pencil, simple checkmarks, but the following day he used stickers I picked up inexpensively at a local cheap shop. He loved being able to tick things off so for my least focused child it kept him on track all day.

Morgan still has a basic schedule he needs to work with in order to have time with me to accomplish a few things & to be ready when Jayden is for their Winter Promise that they do together. However, I find that sitting down with him & going over what he needs to do & what he hopes to accomplish as well works better for him, & helps him see how to fill out the planner himself as well.

For Jayden, I simply write down the schedule I want him to use. What I want him to accomplish & I encourage him to stick with it & tick things off as he goes. I do, of course, need to check up on him often to be sure he's on track & that things have been done "Mom Approved" as my boys say.

Out of the two items I really think that the Student Logbook, hands down, is the easiest & most simplistic of the two to use. I also don't think age matters in those regards. I don't want to say too much about it yet because we've only just started using, but what a lovely start we've had with it!


Butterfly said...

The Student Log Book looks good (I visited their site and watched the video). I have given my children homemade checklists this term, to reduce the reminders I have to give each day and let them take more responsibility. It's working well so far! I can see the benefits of the SLB system too. Thanks for sharing the neat things you find!!

Sheryll said...

Thanks for answering my questions! I've seen those student ligbooks before and they look easy to use. Still trying to figure out what will work for us.