Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Independent Learning

One of the new books that arrived is The Self Propelled Advantage. A fellow homeschooling Mama mentioned this book &, being intrigued, as well as personal goals for our children to be successfully learning on their own I decided reading through it would be fun. I couldn't find it in my local library system & decided I didn't really want a Kindle copy of it. So I waited it out for a regular old copy of the book.

Thus far, despite not being extremely far through, the book is an easy read but very meaty. I really like the idea & concepts behind those ideas as well. I can't wait to dig a bit deeper in the book & see if I can gleam some ideas to finish putting things in effect around our own home we'd all ready been aiming for!

I must say though, you'll want a highlighter handy when you read the book, & maybe a pencil or pen for note taking.. maybe even a pad of paper? Lots of good stuff!

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Diana Bartch said...

I just went to a conference yesterday that was given by Joanne! Her 4 youngest kids were there and I came away with a lot of good stuff!

She has a lot of really great ideas. Some stuff I wasn't so keen on (there was a lot of focus on mastery and a lot less focus on enjoying the process & learning for fun).

But I really liked the idea of putting the child in charge of their learning - after all, it's THIER education. :)

I'll be interested to see what you think of the book when you are done. I do want to get my hands on it to see what else she might say in there that she didn't mention in the conference. :)