Thursday, August 15, 2013


We've spent a fair amount of time driving up the coast to visit Nana in the hospital. They didn't take her to the local one nearer our home, but that's okay because she's still close to family & she's not so far away we can't visit. The boys were delighted to finally get to go along for a visit on Sunday afternoon as she'd not been well enough before that for all their lovely excitement.

Of course they no sooner had her engrossed in some lovely conversation when a nurse bustled in to inform her of yet another medical procedure that needed doing. So the boys & I took a walk where they played their famous "Hello" game. They take turns waving or saying hello to anyone who passes them & if the person replies they get points based on how that person chose to reply.

I think Morgan won because the last person Jayden said hello to unlocked a door & slipped in it as though someone was hounding him down & attempting to steal his ID. Seriously, it was weird. Once he got through his locked door we burst out laughing, which startled someone walking down the hall. We decided to return to Nana's room before we got thrown out. When the nurses returned the boys decided to test out the various walkers that were in the room so they could suggest which one they felt was best for her rehab.

Not that their opinion matters. She has to use the silver one for now & owns the red one so will use it eventually. Sadly, Nana fell just over a week ago & broke the left side of her hip. It was quite the rocky adventure for those of us fussing & worrying over her for a while there. Of course now she has the long road of physical therapy to work through, but she seems to be coping reasonably well with it thus far.

In the mean time we visit daily, or nearly daily, & the boys seem to take some crazy surprise for her each time they go. They are desperate for her to get out so they can proceed with their idea of a pizza party for her birthday which she had to spend in hospital. Of course, what Nana didn't know was that Morgan was planning to ask everyone to dress in Toga's thanks to his study on Italy. Life is never boring around here!

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