Thursday, August 29, 2013


There's been this battle going on in our house for over a year now in regards to which foreign language we'd study. The idea being that the more of us at one time that choose to study the easier it will be to communicate in it & use it as often as possible. Thus, hopefully, making it all sink in quicker.

In the state we lived in while in the USA it foreign language was pretty mandatory. Okay, it was was mandatory. That isn't the case here, despite the many times I've asked because I'm convinced I must be misinformed. Having said that, it hasn't stopped us from wanting to learn a few. Yes, a few.

In fact the many languages laid on the table were more then the people living in our home! I considered a live class at Currclick for Chinese, because it was one of the languages on the table. It was being debated when Mr S boldly stated that if we were going to learn a new language he felt Chinese was the way to go, mostly for political reasons. But, the classes on currclick were insanely expensive, laid out on US times which would have meant 3 am classes for us, & only lasted 1 US semester. We wrote that idea off & went back to the drawing board.

The argument resumed of which language we'd study. The languages now being debated were: German, French, Chinese, Japanese, ASL & then Jayden slyly said, "I dunno I'd prefer to learn the language they speak in the UK." We all just stared at him for a minute before laughing. It was obvious we were going to have to fork out for a foreign language curriculum & a choice was going to have to be made.

After chatting with a group of lovely ladies who always help me sort out my homeschooling issues {you know who you are, right?!} they heard my list of languages & suggested French. The idea being that 1, my children wanted to learn it & 2 it would be a less difficult language to have under our belt which led to 3, learning another foreign language is suppose to be easier after you get the first one under your belt. They also heavily suggested Rosetta Stone.

The only thing was, the sales they were able to obtain at that time didn't work for us due to our location. That's always a bummer. After chatting Mr S & I decided we'd wait until closer to the school year & see about getting it form one of the various places that would ship our way. It also meant I had more time to firmly decide if I wanted to learn French of not, it was not my top pick!

Last week a different friend shared that Rosetta Stone was currently on special for mega savings. As in the normal $400+ curriculum was currently on special for $179. That one stopped me in my tracks! I got excited, like jumping up & down kinda excited which made Mr S ask if there was a bee in the house. Then I explained the sale.

I wasn't sure it would work for me overseas & struggled making it work at first because it kept taking me to the UK site vs the USA site which is where you can select the Homeschool versions, but after a bit of fiddling I finally got the crazy thing to work! Talk about excited! I didn't get the free shipping offer that went with the sale because I chose to have it shipped directly to me in Australia. It's a bit steep at $35, but it's suppose to arrive in record time. We'll see if that happens. On the other hand, to have had it sent to our US address we would have paid over $17 in taxes so it made sense to just ship it here.

So here's the SALE link. Now, if you're not living in the USA &, like me, had issues getting it where you wanted try going directly to Rosetta Stone {make sure it's the .com address} & then enter in the PromoCode: rslms5199. Remember the discount will show up in your cart when when you tell it to apply the discount if you enter this in manually. A few people have mentioned that they were able to call Rosetta Stone directly to get the languages they wanted as they weren't showing up on the website. I don't know if calling them would make the promo code work if you can't manipulate it, or if the code works on the UK site.

In the mean time my boys are currently stalking the postie awaiting their new curriculum. Mr S, on the other hand, is most put out we didn't go with Spanish which, "I would have happily learned alongside you!" Ha, think if we start speaking in French he'll join us anyway? Naw, probably not.

All though, don't ask me who he'd practice his Spanish on around here, but I'm sure he would have found someone. In the mean time Im' pretty sure all of us can count to 10 in Spanish & ask for the bathroom, after that things get a little sketchy all though I can still understand a wee bit more of it then I can manage to speak. Which was really handy when we hung out with our Spanish speaking friends.


Dotted Whale said...

Hola, llegue a tu blog por tu post about Lego Printables. So great!!
Despues segui leyendo y me encanto.
Muchas gracias por toda la informacion que posteas.
Y creo que este es el mejor lugar para hacer mi comentario. Good luck!

Lisa said...

Glad you got a great deal on Rosetta Stone! I'd love see a post about how you're liking this curriculum. It's something that I'm considering for my son, and would love to know what you think of it! ;)