Monday, August 5, 2013

Flags Of The World

One of the things we do each week with our World Travel Diary is to colour the flag from the country{ies} we are studying. We also record a lot of other basic information about the country on the same notebooking page.

Our DK World Atlas has a very small picture of the flag from each country we look up in it. That's never been an issue for us until the day Morgan asked why one of the flags had a specific color in it. We scanned the information in the DK book, but didn't find an answer. Then I remembered that we had a book on World Flags that we picked up years ago for a dollar or two at a book sale.

The book is broken down by continent, & from there by compass position within the continent. Each flag is represented & has a snippet about all those whys Morgan wanted to know about. It explains what each color represents, any of the extra markings on the flag, & the date for when the flag was adapted. Short & sweet.

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