Monday, August 12, 2013

Cow WaterColour Projects

One of the art projects the boys turned in for display at a local library was a fun & simple project they worked on last week. I've had it flagged for a few weeks now to try with them & last Thursday was the perfect day for it. The idea was to make the cow look like it was coming right out of the picture frame!

We started out with two different ideas. I found the original idea to give the jumping out of the picture effect on Pinterest, & the link to it led back to simply drawing a cow & painting it. 

I decided to cheat a little with this project. My kids had been up until nearly midnight hanging out waiting for news on their Nana &  while they were up for an art project I also had a pretty good feeling there would be tears over their ideas of perfection. So, instead I clicked on the picture from the original link that showed the fully drawn cow. I saved it to my computer, adjust the lighting & printed it out. 

The sketch still came out with too much shadow on the bottom lefthand side. So I taped the print out to our sliding glass door & then used a fresh sheet of paper to trace the sketch onto. From there we copied off enough cows so we could all try our hands at this fun project. 

Jayden chose to use pencils for his {far right} & went with a blue & brown cow. He also decided it should be dark & moody clouds because it would probably rain soon. Morgan & I used watercolours, but Morgan went with the purple cow effect. He drew his own patches on to the cow & we all drew our own clouds. Morgan had to work a bit with the watercolours to mix & match to get the desired colours. So there was plenty of ones own hand going into each project.

We trimmed, ever so slightly, our finished projects & glued them on to slightly trimmed 12x12 cardstock. The tongues were freehanded onto pink cardstock which we cut out & each person decorated & glued down as desired. I think Jayden's kinda looks like it's sticking it's tongue out at us in a taunting sorta way.

Morgan's looks a bit more like she's trying to lick something. I really love that blue he created for the sky too. In fact I wish our sky actually looked like that right now instead of grey & miserable. Both boys finished their projects in time to drop those, as well as a few other items off for display in a local library. They were so delighted to pop in there on the weekend & see their work. Then they spent ages gushing over their friends work, & then even more time gushing over, "I didn't know s/he was that old." Ha!

All up, a really simple & fun project! Don't ask me how on earth we'll store them when we get them back though, those crazy tongues pose a small problem for sticking into notebooks or even framing! Unless, of course, we fold the tongue..