Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Spelling Box

I whipped up another All About Spelling box this week. I was limping along with one box for both kids, but they really do suggest one per student. I kept reviewing the wrong thing with the wrong child & decided it was time to just go get more supplies to make a second box. It only took me about a half hour to measure it out & put it together.

I used clear tape to put it together with & then went over it with some fancier tape we had on hand so we could be sure to tell which box was which at a glance. It did mean ordering a second set of cards for the second box, but that's not a big issue as we can obtain them within Australia.

Which means Morgan is eagerly awaiting the postie's arrival, not that he needs to, I do have Level 2 cards in his box & he has a Level 2 chart to tick off as we go along, but he wants to wait for the new set. Whatever excites him about spelling, right?


Kylie said...

Kendra, Where in Australia are you getting your AAS from? :-)

Kendra said...

Adnil Press, Kylie. I put a link to the first 3 levels up there in that post. I think they have the first 6 levels, but not level 7 for some reason. I actually bought, what we all ready own, used off the AHS Boards. There is all most a double set of some things, but a few things missing here & there so I decided the best thing was to just purchase a second set for good measure. :)