Tuesday, August 13, 2013

3D Architecture Puzzles

The 3D puzzles I've mentioned, a few times, that Morgan has done aren't something that came with his theme/core this year. They were something I spotted in a local cheap shop & picked up. I didn't choose them based on what they were, but rather where they came from.

One of the major local cheap shops was being closed down all across the state, the boys wanted to pop in & see if they could pick up some drawing notebooks & other such goodies with their pocket money. Never one to turn down the opportunity to stock up on notebooks I agreed to take them. These puzzles just so happened to be sitting near where the kids were looking.

They had 9 different countries represented, & while that's not each country he's visiting I knew they'd make a lovely addition to his studies. Especially since they were marked down to all of $1 each! Each ranges in pieces & difficulty based on the curves & design of the building, but they each have some lovely information on the back of the box.

I would love to have had one of the many landmarks in England, but that was one they didn't have. Not sure if it's because the company doesn't make one or simply because the shop didn't stock it. We did however manage to find the Sydney Opera House which I found quite amusing. I'm really curious to see how difficult that & the Taj Mah Hal will be, some of those buildings with curves can be fiddly to get put together correctly!

While I can't link you to where I personally purchased the ones we own from, I did spot a few places, including ebay, online that are selling them. THIS place in particular has some that would have been lovely to have found when we were studying various countries.

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