Monday, August 26, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 25

What a busy week we've had full of all sorts of accomplishments! How fitting that it should happen the same week we've officially passed the halfway point of Term 3? Yeah, I know I said I wasn't keeping track, & I'm not entirely, but it's still cool to see how far we've come.

I think it's part of the whole "lists" issue I have. I don't sit around counting out the weeks & I couldn't honestly tell you what day our current term ends on, BUT I can tell you what week within the term we are on, what we hope to do on Term Break, & that the days are getting lighter longer. In fact, this week we actually saw the sun for several days & dried laundry outside in it.

For those of you on the other side of the world that probably means little because I know how hot July can get over there, but here it's wet & miserable & often feels like the longest month of the year. Anyway.. back to school..

Like Morgan's collection of coloured pencils? I did, so I snapped a photo. He was sharpening them all so they'd be fresh & ready for next week. There was a massive break down over only having 1/4 of a red pencil left & 1/2 a black pencil left. So I went & bought the kids each a new box of coloured pencils. A rare treat in the middle of the year as I prefer to stock up during back to school sales. Then when I went to put them in tins for each child, wouldn't you know Morgan found some erasable pencils he'd purchased ages ago & thought he'd lost. Poor boy, if his head wasn't attached at the neck I'm pretty sure he'd lose that too.. True story I'm afraid..

We finished off our last Shakespeare story this week: Hamlet. After we finished it the boys decided Shakespeare might have needed a wee bit more laughter & fun in his life considering the amount of people who seem to die in all his stories/plays. This book didn't have all of Shakespeare's stories in it, but it had the major ones & some direct lines from the plays. It was a lovely introduction to some complicated stories for sure.

Jayden is still working with his Jonah Bible study. The book is written as though he's a newspaper reporter & he's investigating the story. He's really enjoyed it. The book has ideas for how to mark your Bible based on how the words are being used in the passages you are studying. So far he's chosen just to mark those in his book instead of directly in his Bible. The passages are written out in the back of the books too, thus how he can do that.

We started doing our poetry & memory box over breakfast.  This might seem kinda obvious for some, but mornings are the one time of day we're all going in many different directions. We started a slightly new schedule this week though & everyone was really excited about it. Everyone, including Mr S, reads a poem from one of the books & then while Mr S scrambles to do last minute things before heading out the boys & I use the memory box. And yes, we still do the multiplication facts in our memory box. 

Morgan finished AAS Level 1 this week. Okay, so he actually finished it about 2 weeks ago, but when I did a final review with him he had one of those blank out moments where while he could tell me all the rules he couldn't apply them to 50% of the words. I'm not sure who freaked out more me or him! So we reviewed all the rules again last week with him, & then I did one more review with him only to discover that was the goal of Lesson 1 in AAS 2. Either way he was tickled pink to get his certificate! Now he's stalking the postie awaiting his Level 2 cards.

Not to be out done, Jayden finished his math book this week & was equally delighted to get a certificate for his efforts. In fact, he told Morgan now he might catch Morgan up in maths. I don't think he realised he had an entire book to finish before getting to the one Morgan is in, & Morgan is only about 3-4 weeks away from finishing his up too. We had a few good laughs over it, & Jayden took the news well.

Morgan is still plucking away with his science & enjoying it. He listens to a section of his lessons & then narrates to me what he read about, answers a few questions in his notebook, writes & illustrates some of what he's narrated to me, & does any of the vocabulary words on the crossword that apply to the lesson for the day. He's onto digestion & can't wait to draw the digestion cartoon.

Jayden really wanted to use one of the Apologia Zoology books & since we had 2 saved away for summer we pulled out 3 to use. He was most delighted until he didn't have an experiment on his first day. Ha! We just read a small portion each day & then he narrates, illustrates, etc. We read the lesson together taking turns reading. I want to be sure he understands some of the bigger scientific words, & he's keen to skip words he doesn't know or understand. This way I'm sure he's covered them.

Not sure why, but it seemed to take us half the term to move onto a new song. They still sing Advance Australia Fair each day, but we added This Little Light Of Mine. I have no idea what Morgan is doing in that photo, most likely closing up his song book, or singing Advance Australia Fair with much gusto, that's always a favourite thing to do.

We finished off The Journal Of Watkin Stench this week. The chapters were really short, but it still seemed to take us a while to work our way through. Morgan especially loved this book which was full of a lot of detail of what Australia would have looked like when the First Fleet arrived. It also told of some of the hardships & explorations that took place & ends after the 5 ships show up with more convicts & supplies to replenish the new colony with. The Historical Information in the back was really interesting to read & turns out that the main character of this book {a rat} was based on a real person with a similar name who commented on the excessive amount of rats on the boats. There's also a nifty timeline in the back of the book in regards to the boats that came & went in Botany Bay & Sydney Cove in case you're wondering about all the boats the rats mention that come & go. 

In Children Around The World we hit North America this week. We covered all of America & one day of Canada. CAW is set up as a 4 day a week study, & normally that's perfect for us. Next week, however, the boys have an Art Show & Golfing so we decided to use our 5th day at home this week to move a little ahead on next weeks studies.

Friday they coloured in their RCMP while I read to them a little bit about Canada & then we pulled out our Atlas so they could record some basic facts about Canada. Then they became quite awed that I'd been to Canada before. They also checked out various provinces on our map which led to a funny discussion about Anne of Green Gables, which I told them they really should watch with me. They listened to the book a few years ago, but probably don't remember it. But then I might have to read them Before Green Gables first, it would have been a cliff hanger had I not known the rest of Anne's story I must say..

Morgan started reading the Paddington Helps Out on kindle to me. I was trying to follow along in the hardcopy, but I looked away for a minute & he was reading so fast it took me a while to find my place. As long as we enlarge the print, considerably, on the Kindle he does amazing. He really struggles with that smaller font, & he's fighting the idea of needing to go back to the Eye Guy again. And why yes, my feet are propped up on our learning table.. My kids didn't notice or I'd have been asked why I could do it if they couldn't..

All in all a pretty full week for us. No swim lessons again as the pool is still closed, perhaps next week. Really turned out to be for the best as Jayden woke up with a bad case of the snuffles on Wednesday morning & was coughing by Thursday. I'm so over the winter colds! 

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