Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 24

We are nearly to the halfway point of this term all ready, which is shocking because it really doesn't feel like we've been at it that long! Next week, however marks the 5th week which puts us exactly halfway through Term 3.

I'm not trying to rush through our year, but goodness I am looking forward to seeing the sun again soon! We've had so much rain this past week everything, including our road, has been flooded. I'm pretty sure that at the rate it keeps falling Mr S can give up biking to work & start rowing a boat to get there!

Needless to say I'm most looking forward to Term 4 for the warmer, & slightly dryer, weather. I rather miss sitting outside to do our studies while the sun warms our backs & toes.. As for this week, it was a whole lot of crazy so not many photos this week I'm afraid..

Morgan is still really enjoying his new Bible study all though it does pose the occasional problem as they use the NASB & we don't. It is interesting to read the same passages in another version, but it can cause the occasional glitch when the crossword is looking for a specific word over another.

Both boys are still progressing in their math books. Jayden was suppose to finish this week, but due to the craziness that was our life this week I only had him tackle one lesson instead of the last two. Mind you, it was probably for the best because he made several silly/simple mistakes one day & he was very frustrated at having to come back & rework problems over it. Hopefully, despite the frustration of it, it was a hard lesson well learned & we won't see that happen again.

Morgan is still a few weeks away from finishing up his book. I think he might manage it before the end of Term 3, but we'll see. It's certainly not a rush to get to the end, all though he's pretty eager for the certificate. In the mean time, I'm extremely happy with his progress & have been highly impressed with the MUS curriculum.

The boys had swim practice twice this week, as normal, but no lessons. During one of my absurd wondering moments I wondered what would happen if the Coach ever had to cancel a lesson & wouldn't you know that very day I ended up with an email from him stating that lessons were canceled for the week! They won't have any next week either as the piece on the pool that broke is apparently still not fixed yet. Jayden is extremely disappointed because he lives for swim days.

This week our studies found is in Greece. The boys tried writing their names in Greek which was quite interesting as the chart we used didn't have anything for j or g on it. Maybe greek is one of those languages that doesn't use that sound?! No idea, but it made it quite interesting when the boys tried to do their thing!

We also had a brief overview of Greek mythology, & were able to look at photos of some of the places Paul was when he wrote his letters to the various churches. This was especially exciting for Morgan as he was reading Titus with his Bible study. We had fun reading about the Ancient Olympics & figuring out which of those traditions have carried on to modern day olympics as well.

Both boys participate with our little group on Friday dressing up as a character from a favourite book & sharing about their story. Jayden dressed up as a Civil War soldier & had his costume picked out before his book. Then he had to decide between the many books we read last year about that time period. He went with Behind Rebel Lines because the main character, Emma, not only pulled off the disguise to look like a man & enter as a soldier, but she was also one of the best spies the North had. He's big on war stories so his selection was not a huge surprise. Morgan went as Paddington Bear. He had a small panic when we got there realising he hadn't reviewed, for sure, what he was going to say. I think he knew what he wanted to say, but had intended to write it down. Anyway, I assured him he'd be fine & told him to just go up & tell about his favourite part of the book. After their book presentations & some lovely cake for a birthday, they participated in science experiments too.. of which they have not stopped raving about either!

And that pretty much wraps up our week. We did listen to an entire 6 hour audio book in the car while driving to & from the hospital to visit Nana. With wet roads driving was extremely slow. We had a trip to the library, & spent a good chunk of one day moving Morgan's bedroom to another area of the house so he & Nana would have their own space when she came here. Our poor read aloud sat on the shelf rather unloved this week!

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Gamma? for your missing "g" and how about iota-eta for your "j" like in "Jesus"?