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2013 Week In Review: Week 23

Another week behind us, which kinda sounds like we're counting them down to summer break doesn't it? I'm not so much as counting days down for summer break as much as I'm counting days down until the endless rain will let up enough to give us sun again. Our week started our reasonably well, but tapered off midweek after Nana fell & had to be rushed to hospital.

We still managed to come back & focus well enough to get the needed stuff out of the way Friday before heading off to the hospital for a quick visit. All though not before a day off from book work to recoup from our very late & long night sitting in the ER where Mr S kept poking me because I kept dozing off.

I came out one day this week to find both boys studiously working away on their math, & despite the look on Morgan's face, they both did well on their own as well too. Jayden is one week & 1 test away from wrapping up that current book, & he's pretty excited. There might be a slight overlap with his new books arrival, but that's okay because it will give him the opportunity to practice with some analog clocks. Morgan's about 4 weeks away, which I didn't realise or I might have had his book sent our way too, so we'll just have to see how he progresses here. There are certificates at the end of their books & they are super keen to obtain them for their hard work!

Morgan started a new Bible study for kids this week, How To Study Your Bible, which was his selection. He was a little worried at first, but once he got going he really enjoyed himself. The books are pretty straight forward with reading passages & then having a place to record Who, What, When, Where, Why after he reads. There's a DVD that matches the book but it's not needed &, honestly, it kinda cheesy.

Jayden chose the one entitled Wrong Way Jonah. They do read the verses from their own Bibles, but these particular studies have the kids mark the passages in very specific ways to get the idea of the 5 Ws & an H. So when they mark the passages, for now, they mark the provided passages in the back of the book.

We visited Italy this week & read a great deal about the country from the books pictures above. Most of those are the staples we read each week, but we added in Angelo & the Art Fraud Detective which were both books we all ready owned. We used the Art Fraud book to check out the art mentioned in Children Of Many Lands this week. We also finished Working Children this week & will spend the next 30 days praying for children around the world.

We picked up the pace, dramatically with The Journal Of Watkin Stench there until the chaos on Wednesday. The hope had been to finish if off next week so we could start a book about Sydney Cove that we've checked out of the library. The chapters really are short in that book, but every now & again you get a longer one.  Water Sky is our current read aloud which takes place in North America, yes, I know that sounds weird since we are still in Europe, but we only have one more week to go & then we're off to North America so it was fitting.

We started a new missionary book as well, David Livingstone. Have I totally confused you yet? While we may not get to Africa until Term 4 in our studies, we have another missionary {or two} for that term & one of them was inspired by Livingstone so it just made since to start reading about him now! We really enjoy these missionary books, all though sometimes the back story can get a little long for Jayden, however this one started right in the midst of trouble & had him sucked in from the start.

While we didn't/don't enjoy this for the spine to our geography programme, we have enjoyed pulling it out here & there to look up things we've read about. This week it was pulled out to check out some of the major landmarks in Italy that we'd read about. We also looked up a couple of the specific paintings that weren't in our Art Fraud book.

Jayden moved forward with writing this week, all though he was very unhappy when he was working in this photo. I believe it had something to do with being called out for doodling on the paper, again. Now that he enjoys drawing he tends to be a bit too liberal with it on some of his school work. Alas.. Morgan didn't get to writing this week, which was intentional as he had other things going on.

Wednesday we didn't get home from the hospital until all most midnight, so once everyone was up & seeing straight I pulled out an art project for the kids. They were suppose to work on it the night before & round up other art projects they've done for display at a local library. All three of us enjoyed the project & all three cows turned out completely differently. We packaged them up & met up with a local group at a park where the kids spent the afternoon playing.

The boys were keen for swim lessons Thursday afternoon & swam a whole lotta laps & practiced more diving. They come home & crashed & there wasn't much noise from their room despite being put to bed early.

Friday we finished off a couple of our notebooking pages on Italy, the boys had to figure out what the Italian words were as well as a few other fun things. They especially enjoyed inventing their own pasta & drawing toppings on pizza. We also learned about Italian Operas & then the boys filled out postcards as if they'd truly been to Italy & were writing home about it.

After lunch there was just enough time for a couple of quick 3D puzzles before we made another trip to the hospital. Morgan's was another landmark puzzle: The Leaning Tower Of Pisa. He was delighted with the effect when he was done. It was actually quite simple compared to some he's done in the past. I had a 3D puzzle of a bee on the shelf that Jayden was pretty keen to do, all though when he was done he felt it looked more like a wasp. Personally, I had no preference, I was just happy he enjoyed putting it together.

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Dawn said...

It sounds like a very productive week despite the crisis. I hope nana is going to be just fine. We love the art dectective book.
Blessings, Dawn