Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zig Zags

There were 2 things I wanted to do during our term break: sew a quilt & read a book. Pretty simple, I suppose, but I don't often to get to read "for fun" during our school year simply because it's far too easy for me to get sucked into a good story. So I prefer to save those lovely books for holiday time.

I had a few quilts flagged to make & was debating which one when I stumbled upon this pretty simple zig zag quilt. I pulled out a few scraps & had a go with it, but my initial fear was confirmed. I struggle with keeping the points on my triangles when quilting. While googling for something to help me conquer that battle I stumbled upon an even easier idea for a zig-zag quilt: rectangles. Rather then using triangles to create the zig & zag you simply used rectangles.

I don't generally struggle, too much, with lining up my seams so I knew I'd be okay getting the full effect. I ended up going out & purchasing material for the project, which hadn't been my original idea. However, the quilt shop I went to had a few bolts of autumn material on the clearance table & after getting over my shock of seeing $190 on her cash register I was okay. Don't panic, the quilt didn't cost that much to make. That was the price before measurements & sale prices were added. Afterwards it was just over $40, which was still pricey to me considering I had baskets of scraps at home.

However, I'm pretty cheap when it comes to do doing things & don't even use fancy batting inside my quilts. I buy the $5-$10 old ugly woollen blankets from the local op-shops & use those instead. Then I go one step farther in my cheapness & pick up old sheets for $2-$4 at the same op-shops & use that for my backing.

I was really pleased with how the top turned out, but you know I didn't end up finishing that quilt during our term break! The top is beautiful pieced together & awaiting some actual quilting to happen. I'm holding out hope I might just get to it this weekend, but I said that last weekend too..

Mr S is pretty keen for me to finish it up, he says it's because he can't wait to see the finished look, but personally I suspect it's so he can snitch it & curl up to watch footy with it. The boys, are a bit more honest & simply can't wait for me to finish it so I can make them each one for the trailer tent. Only, I'm thinking of trying the next one in this fashion. You know, so I can actually use up all those scraps I have in my scrap baskets. Yes, that was plural, & after I cleaned out all the scraps that were beyond useful sizes.

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