Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Weekly Check Lists

In my efforts to encourage the boys to be more independent in their learning I've been playing with ways of providing them lists of what they need to do for the week. We've tried a few different methods, but I ended up with these lists I made on the computer. My biggest reason for doing it this way was that it was a quick cut & paste, rearrange, & slight edit to make a new one each week. If I was less detailed I could probably just print a fresh one off each week without out editing any part of it, but I tend to be very detail oriented.

The idea is that the list is broken down by days of the week, running alongside the left hands side, & subjects across the top. They can choose to tick off accomplished things in any manner they want, but the big thing is I shouldn't hear, "I didn't know I needed to do that.." because when I do I point out that it's simply because they didn't refer to their checklist.

Both of the boys have their own, which sadly, is colour coded. Jayden's favourite colour is blue so his list has the blue header on it. Morgan's favourite colour seems to fluctuate based on his mood so he's been assigned the colour green on all my planning sheets, family calendars, & even when I buy colour coded school supplies. Yeah, I actually do that. This makes my planning sheet pretty easy to figure out too as, much to Mr S' horror I've colour coded my entire family. Yep, true story.

As for the planning sheets, they go on a clipboard, which is also in their designated colour. Now, if you think I'm going over board in all this colour coding then you've clearly never watched your children have a knock-down-drag-out over clipboards that happen to be the same colour. It's just easier to eliminate the problem before it happens. So they have their own special coloured clipboards that hang on small hooks in the school room.

The idea is that we discuss everything they need to do on it at the start of the week & evaluate as the week progresses. If, for instance, on Wednesday Morgan is feeling frustrated because he hasn't accomplished as much as he feels he should, we check it over. We might bump things around or spend a bit of time getting him caught up. At the end of the week we just flip them over & print on the reverse side.


Multi-tasking Mama said...

I love your check lists with the I love you and Good Luck ... that's just fantastic! Mine are boring in comparison.

We are kindred colour coding spirits; my girls have their own colours for schooling supplies too! They even have their own colours for towels (have since birth) so I can yell at whoever has left theirs on the floor ... lol

Kendra said...

Oh my goodness, colour coded towels, how did I not think of this before!??!