Friday, July 12, 2013

The Story of a cup..

Two weeks ago I spotted this mug in the local news agency. The one I pass everytime I have to go into the grocery shop. The Grocery shop I had to frequent a lot because I didn't place our monthly grocery order. This particular News Agency often has lovely things in the windows & we've often thought about getting a thing or two. For instance, once they had a book you could read aloud while it recorded your voice. I very quite nearly purchased it to send to my mother so she could record herself reading it for the boys. I'm glad I didn't, she'd all ready bought one, unknown to us, & mailed it to the boys for Christmas.

Another time Morgan spotted a footy ladder in the window & purchased that. He's kept it up regularly for a few seasons now, & it made a perfect excuse to work on percentages for a while.

Lots of times we just enjoy peeking in the window & looking but never purchasing. Such was the case when I spotted this mug. Then, one evening, we were all cold & tired but in desperate need of vegetables after picking up Mr S from work. I wouldn't let the kids stay in the car alone because it was, well dark. So as we're all traipsing in & attempting not to slip on the very wet entry way I spot the mug again & whisper to the boys that they should purchase said cup for me because after all I am the best teacher they've ever known. My plan worked & Morgan busted up in a fit of giggles while Jayden rolled his eyes but then asked how much it was. 

For an entire week, without fail, I teased all three guys as we passed the mug. Which is the only thing that made having to stop at the grocery so often for fruits, veggies, & meat bearable to be honest. By the end of my week of ribbings Mr S decided to play along & said, "Well I couldn't possibly give you that cup because you'd have to work much harder to earn it!" 

Of course I told him that was completely inappropriate for the principle to say & considering I held a lot of weight with the board of directors of our school he'd better be careful what he said. The boys were utterly confused & I think the people behind us were making a wide girth as they hurried into the shop themselves.

The following Monday after dropping Mr S off at work Jayden informed me we were out of dog food. What?! Seriously?! I think I even followed it up with a, "You couldn't tell me that while I was actually at the store one of those bajillion times last week?!" Yeah, well anyway, the point was we needed dog food & the dog wasn't going to be particularly understanding if he didn't get some. 

So we trekked off, once again to the local grocery shop. Only, because I was going early the News Agency was actually open. I did the only sensible thing one can do. I went inside & purchased the mug. Obtained dog chow from the grocery & made a mad dash for home. I washed the cup & put it up in the cupboard next to the glasses Mr S uses the most. Only he decided not to use them that night..

Luckily I'd promised to make pudding for the starving men-folk & the little dishes we serve it in were also on the same shelf. So I asked Mr S if he'd grab them down for me, because honesty unless I climb on the counter I can't reach them anyway. He did, but didn't even notice the crazy mug!

So I asked him where the crazy pudding cups had been,
"Where they always are, why?"
"Just wondered."
"Obviously I was suppose to see something I didn't."

He opens the cupboards spots the cup, busts up laughing & then says, "That was totally unfair, I was going to sneak down there tomorrow & get the cup!" And you know, he probably would have too.

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