Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Body Book

Remember that $1 sale that Scholastic had on recently? I mentioned that the Easy Make & Learn Project book was on special again as well as another book entitled The Body Book. I picked up the later as it had slightly more complex projects for older students.

Last week Morgan made the layered eye project after we learned all sorts of new stuff about eyes, sight, & all that goes along with it. The project folds up nice & small like this & can be hole punched to slide into the science section of his notebook. But, it's actually a bit more complex then it looks & can open up into several layers.

This is with the first two layers lifted. The one you can't see is the outer eye lid, which you saw in the first picture. The one at the base of the photo is actually covered with plastic wrap to create the effect we needed. Each piece in the center of the photo lifts up until you get to the base page which has the a tiny little optic nerve. It was a great in-depth view of an eye without actually having to dissect one!

For $1 I think we got quite the bargain with this little book! It adds a really nice hands on aspect to our science this year, which makes Morgan happy, which in turn makes me happy.

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