Monday, July 22, 2013

Term 3

Our two week break has flown by & we've fully enjoyed our time off. But it's back to business around here as we tackle another 10 weeks of school. I pulled most of the books we'll be using over the next 10 weeks up to the front of our book boxes, which also entices the kids to get excited about upcoming plans.

We only have one last story left to read in our Shakespeare book & it's the famous MacBeth. I discovered Unsborne also sells a version like this of Dickens stories which I'm debating picking up. The stories aren't the full versions, I wouldn't even call them junior adaptions, but they are just right!

Both boys selected books to read to me in the coming term. Jayden's set for the remainder of the year I think. The books I wanted Morgan to read through aren't here yet, which is okay too. I pulled a few off the shelf that I thought he might enjoy, but in one of those funny moments that can only happen when Morgan is involved he ended up begging to read Paddington Helps Out next. Then he had to verify that it was really the third book in the series.

We'll be traveling through the rest of Europe & the Americas, all though the majority of our books don't entirely reflect that. We'll be finishing off Wheel On The School & then moving into Water Sky. After that we'll dig into our lovely books on Africa which is the continent we'll be reaching in Term 4. We had a few missionaries to read about in Africa so we selected one to read about in Term 3 as well Listening for Lions which takes place in both Africa & Europe. I really love that book!

We were also given a copy of Seekers Of The Lost Boys by the author who just so happens to be a homeschool mamma who wrote a book with characters that happen to be homeschooled. We're very excited to read this story! We'd hoped to read it between Terms, but other things got in our way.

At long last we get to dig into The Journal Of Watkins Stench as well! I'm very excited about this. It'll be our first book back for Australian History & hopefully by the time we're done with that our next one will be in at the library: Surviving Sydney Cove. We'll finally be moving into the settlement of Australia!

It's just hard to imagine we only have 20 weeks of school left to our year! Unless you ask Jayden, then he says 22, he's counting his next 2 week break as part of his school time. Which makes me wonder exactly what he has planned for that two week break. I'm kinda hoping not much because the plan is to go away camping during that time.

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