Friday, July 5, 2013

Silly Boy

I was making dinner one night last week when I looked up to see this strange fellow sitting across from me. He looked up and, I'm not joking, when I say his moustache was quivering. Mind you, it was only a paper one, but it was quivering all the same.

What you can't see is that he's wearing a pair of dress pants Mr S wore to his 40th birthday party, op shop specials. They were too big on him so he stuffed the legs & stomach area with pillows which caused Jayden to laugh so hard we had to remind him he still needed to breathe.

Morgan just sat there all casually & said, "Mom do you think I can still borrow some of Jessica's Geronimo Stilton books?" He's been on a GS craze around here lately knocking of the Kingdom of Fantasy versions, which we've all heard every last detail of, & then read one he'd purchased himself called The Way Of The Samurai. Yes, slightly cheesy books, but he enjoys them & is simply delighted he can read them on his own with his glasses.

Apparently his cousin owns a large stack & he's keen to raid them for a few new reads. I suggested he call her, but apparently his moustache was in the way & he was not willing to remove it until after he'd greeted Mr S at work dressed like that.

Mr S held it together for about 5 seconds before he doubled up in laughter & then said, "Right I think I'd like to stop by the shop on the way home for chocolate." Morgan enjoyed the joke until he found out I really was stopping at the shop for veggies, mind you we let him stay in the car all though I think the clerk might have enjoyed the laugh..