Monday, July 1, 2013

Science Fun

This is the DNA Science Kit I spotted at the local toy store, & ended up picking up. There are 8 different, I think, experiments or activities one can do. I intended, for the most part, just to give the kit to Morgan to have a go with. One of the books we are currently reading with our Sonlight Science is the Usborne Introduction to Genes & DNA.

The first experiment in the book is extracting DNA from a kiwi, we had all the supplies to do the experiment, but it stated that the rubbing alcohol had to be ice cold. Because of this we went with the second activity first which is building the Double Helix Ladder of DNA.

This was a beautifully fitting exercise for him last week due to his science lesson being on this exact thing! He and Mr S had actually put the ladder together the night prior to our science experiment. It was a wee bit fiddly so they each took a half & built it then connected them together.

Don't ask, I was attempting a photo of the completed project not the goofy looks on their faces.. Once they extract DNA from a kiwi, there's also an experiment to extract their own DNA. Should make for some interesting fun around here for sure!

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reader19 said...

Where did you get that cool map on the back wall of Europe???????? I love it!!!!