Thursday, July 4, 2013

More Science Fun

After Morgan put together the double helix in the DNA kit he wanted to do another experiment, but he really had to wait on the chilling alcohol before extracting the DNA. So I reminded him he'd purchased another Ein-O's science kit with some pocket money he had & told him he could give that a go instead if he wanted. 

Honestly, it was a very basic kit with a few nifty pipettes, some pots for mixing colours in, & a nifty tray with holes for mixing even more colours. While it was nothing fancy I think it was the lure of mixing & being a crazy scientist that really lured him to it. He'll love Chemistry.. 

Unfortunately his glasses were missing, yet again, so I read him the instructions in the booklet which were too small & on the wrong coloured background for him to deal with without his glasses, which eventually turned up. They always do. In weird places. 

That's what he ended up with when he was done. The table is altering some of the colours in the pots, but basically he started with a clear liquid & went through primary colours to make more complex colours by mixing & matching. The smaller pots are suppose to show colour gradients based on how much color & how much clear are mixed together. Nothing fancy & he had more fun making his own colours up in the end, but he was pleased with it.

Jayden decided he didn't want to be left out & pulled a kit out himself. He found a heat one we'd somehow overlooked & never ended up opening. So he did the ice on a rope trick. Apparently he's never seen it before because he was pretty impressed with the results. He worked on seeing how many he could get on the string at a time before I suggested he leave some salt in the pot considering he'd grabbed the good salt & not the craft salt.

He also pulled out his old Bubble Kit which saw a lot of action in it's day. He'd gotten a little pot of bubbles for his birthday so he used those to experiment with. Only, he made this huge bubble so Morgan & Mr S got in on it too in an effort to help him make the biggest pot of bubbles ever. Mr S came after Morgan & it was quite huge, but the device I used to take the photo with crashed & I lost the photo. Yep, this is how we spend weeknights, which, according to my boys, beats hibernating like I suggest every winter.

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