Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Massive Chess Board

Morgan is obsessed with Chess. Actually, he's always been obsessed with it playing it at full speed from a very young age. His favourite set is one we purchased for him as a Christmas gift when he was 4 or 5. It's actually Sesame Street characters, but he doesn't mind even at the ripe old age of 12.

In one of the towns adjoining us there's a large outdoor chess set. While we were over there last week Jayden wanted to have a game on it, but Morgan was so slow in joining him that a group of teen boys thought Jayden was just standing on the board. He was too embaressed to tell them he'd been waiting for his brother to join them & he refused to let me tell them. Instead he begrudgingly joined me in the quilt shop to pick up a piece of material.

The following afternoon Morgan set up a giant chess board in the lounge room from various colours of scrap & coloured paper. I was pretty impressed when I saw how big it was considering there was barely any room for them to move around & get their pieces.

They dragged out various stuffed animals to play the roles of all the chess pieces & kept which toy was which piece on the board straight for the many many games they played that afternoon. It was one of those drizzly rainy days & they played for hours!

In fact, Morgan was keen to keep going, but even after an extended break Jayden was showing signs of burnout & I suggested they put the whole thing away for the day. Life sized versions of games seems to be Morgan's specialty as he's always setting up life sized games, based on normal sized ones, for people to play. Love watching his imagination at work.

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Tracey Clifford said...

This is crazy and awesome! So it is crazy awesome! I love it!