Friday, July 19, 2013

House Inspections

We had one of those annoying regularly scheduled rental inspections this week. They really aren't that huge of a deal, except that I panic about them & suggest people clean all sorts of odd things. Mr S says I'm crazy & really panicking far too much because we've yet to fail one of these lovely inspections.

So you can only imagine my moment of panic, after spending the week cleaning the house, & the day cleaning carpets to come up from doing laundry & find this absurd contraption stretching from the dining room to the kitchen.

The builder was beaming with pride at his cleverness while I was freaking out, & not figuratively but quite literally much to the poor child's disappointment.

He'd tied string to the dining room curtain rod {you can just make out the white stripe} & held it in place with those nifty pink hand weights. Then proceeded to slide things down it. First the wooden snake, then the wooden dino, followed by the crazy stuffed club penguin which was strapped to a coat hanger.

Mr S assured me it would all be put away before the morning & suggested we go out to eat instead of fussing over it. So we did. And it was put away. In fact the house was absolutely spotless in the morning & I found the boys sitting on the couch staring at nothing. I asked what they were doing & Jayden said, "Oh we're just waiting to play & make a mess until this whole thing is over!" 

"I didn't say you couldn't play! I just said not to make a huge mess!" 

And with that I wandered off to work on my quilt leaving them free to play. All was well on the home front as they came in & out of where I was working searching for markers & scrap paper. Nothing too serious. I managed to get half my quilt top sewed together when I decided they were a little to quiet & I should go check on things.

Which is when I found this:

Strung across the kitchen doorway. As in, they'd literally roped off the kitchen & hung this sign up, but just to be sure no one went in & discovered the explosion they proceeded to weave string hither & yon between the dining room & the kitchen!

I just stood there for a minute before exploding with, "Take this down right now!" 
"Mom, there's not really an explosion out there you know."
"But there's string blocking us from the kitchen!"
"Yes, but that's so you don't drown in popcorn."
"You said there was no popcorn explosion!"
"There isn't, it's a joke!"
"Then take this down right now!"

We went round & round in circles before Jayden said, "Take it down Morgan, she's not herself. She's freaking out can't stop cleaning person right now. Take it down before she makes you clean something!" 

We passed our inspection, but I found that sign laying on the kitchen counter after the agent left the kitchen. There were a few titters from the peanut gallery. I took a photo of the crazy sign & sent it to Mr S at work. His simple response was: "Ahh, so I see things are going as normal then, good to know, good to know!" 

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