Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fun Finds

A couple of weekends ago Mr S announced, over breakfast, that our local book shop was having a sale with books as low as $3 & $5. Sadly, the first thing all of us asked him was, "How do you know?" Yes, well anyway. We had a few errands to run, like dropping his computer off at the shop & watching the look on the guy's face when he attempted to tell us what we needed to do & Mr S casually says, "Oh yes, I've tried that and.." which led to a 10 minute explanation of what he'd done.

However, we did eventually make it back to the book shop & while they did have books that low they weren't any of the books we'd hoped to find. So after perusing the isles & coming away a little poorer after purchasing the kids each a book we ran by our favourite Chemist & discovered the used book shop in town was open. We, being the boys & I while Mr S was in the chemist, decided to go see if any of the books we were after were on the shelves there.

While I can't say we found any of the books we were looking for, which is often the case, we did however find a few books that cost us all of $9 all together. I spotted Heidi Grows Up & was shocked to see it marked for $1. Jayden has been desperate to hear the rest of Heidi's story & know if all that he guessed might happen to her really did. It would be an understatement to say that Jayden speaks of Heidi as an old friend, more like a long lost sister I'm afraid.

Did you know the author of Heidi Grows Up is actually the translator Johanna Spyri used when writing Heidi? The original Heidi was written in German, which just proves my point to Jayden that we really should learn German. I digress.. For $1 we've picked ourselves up a fun read for the summer ahead if we don't get to it sooner then that.

I spotted this on the shelf of classics & was rather surprised to see it & also see that low price inside the front cover. I think the lady working the shop was too because she squealed with joy when she saw the book commenting over & over how we'd found a really goody & we should never ever part with it because it was far too special of a book for that. Pretty sure we discovered the book of her childhood! Mind you, I'm glad she was squealing because that way no one could hear me doing the exact same thing!

I love it when we find some real "goodies that we should never ever party with" when we pop into the book shop. After snagging these two books we made a rather abrupt run for it so if there were other treasures on the shelf we didn't spot them. However, I heard the lady locking the door & decided we should leave so she could go home & enjoy the remainder of her day. Of course when she couldn't get the door to unlock to let us out I said, "At least we're in a good place with plenty to read for the weekend" The boys giggled & started talking about the little girls from Thimble Summer who got locked in the library. Mr S, on the other hand, told the lady if she stepped aside he'd give it a go. Apparently the idea of living in a used book store for the weekend was freaking him out.

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