Saturday, July 27, 2013

Apologia Science: A few Quick Notes

I just wanted to clarify a few questions & statements I've gotten since my last post on how we've adapted Apologia to work for us:

What about the narration pages in the notebooks?
I have scheduled the notebooking pages that go with this particular book, I've based those pages on the regular journal, not the junior journal. However, I did not schedule the "narration" pages because when my son is finished & I ask him the questions assigned for the day I also ask him if he took notes & has anything he'd like to specifically add to those narration pages for the day. If he says yes I let him narrate to his hearts content while I write fast enough that we often risk catching the paper on fire. Then I give him back his notebook & he draws in pictures that match what he's said. I also did not schedule the narration pages for specific topics from lesson 1 because that page had been done when we'd attempted to use this science book previously.

Do I have to do the lesson in the specified days listed? What does D1, D2, etc mean?
I chose to schedule the lessons in the term of Day 1 Day 2, etc. Simply because this is also how I tend to think of all our school plans. While Apologia has schedule it differently {you can find their schedule in the front of any of their accompanying journals} taking 2 days per week per lesson, that was still just too much for us. By breaking the lessons into even smaller bites we can do it more often, if we want, & still learn just as much. How much you do in a week is up to you, your family, & your schedule. Yes, in this instance my son will aim to finish 7 lessons in 10 weeks. He's pretty big on science though & thus far it's yet, experiments included, take him more then 10-20 minutes per lesson.

Do you have an affiliation with Apologia science?
No, I am not affiliated with Apologia, I was not given their books or material to review. Rather, in my searching for a science curriculum I settled upon Apologia. I use the term settled because there were a few things about it I was certain about in regards to my family, however we have enjoyed it when we've used it & I was very grateful to still have it on the shelf. My boys really do enjoy using the curriculum.

Do you add any of the extra suggestions to the science lessons?
No, I don't generally add much of anything extra to the Apologia science books. I know there are plenty of suggestions in the notebooks for videos & books. There are also some boards on pinterest by the author for extra ideas. I don't generally worry about it. I think the curriclum is complete as it is. However, if there's a video suggested that we own or I know I can view on YouTube then I mention it to the kids & if they want to watch it, go for it. I did also flag one craft that I know my kids will get a kick out of. Less is more. Trust me on this.

Does your son do the entire lesson independently?
Yes, I've set this up so my son can do the lessons completely on his own. He checks the schedule to see what pages he's suppose to read & where he needs to stop at on any given page. He goes off with the text & has a listen to the lesson. When he's done with that, he checks the Try This or Project & works through that, asking for help if he needs it. Then he checks in with me, I ask him the questions that are scheduled for the day & that's when he tells me about what he's learned. Pretty quick & simple.

Does your son read the lessons himself?
No, he's not reading the text he's listening to the text. There's a cd available through CBD if you want to purchase it that way. As members of we simply used one of our monthly tokens to obtain the audio version. He follows along in the textbook looking at the diagrams the author speaks of, & keeping track of where she's reading from so he knows when to pause for the day. I did not, however burn it to a cd for him, but instead popped it on the family ipod touch {which is the object in the photo above with the busted screen} so he can grab that & his headphones. Or, as is sometimes the case, he pops it on the base in my bedroom & lounges on my bed to do his science, experiments excluded.

Will you share the other 7 weeks worth of scheduling?
Yes, I will do the other 7 lessons in the book, but most likely not until the end of our current term, which will be at the end of September. I may do them sooner, but as I won't need them before then I can't promise anything. When they are done I will share happily share them. I like to try & stay focused on the smaller pictures at times rather then fuss about the entirety of it all.

Have you got schedules for all the other Apologia books?
No, I haven't done all the other books yet, but I will do have plans to use a few of the others in the near future. Jayden has requested to use Zoology in the summer, so I'll set up lessons for Zoology 2 {swimming creatures} for him then. We also own Astronomy so we may be doing that with Jayden next school year or just together as a family. Okay, so we actually own quite a few of these books & if/when we use them & I make plans I'll share them.

Will the schedule for the notebooking pages work with the jr journals?
We do own a couple of the Jr Journals, but I chose not to schedule that one because Morgan has always used the regular. If you choose to use the Jr Journal you'll simply have to adjust the NB plans/suggestions. They do differ just a little bit with colouring pictures in the jr journals, a bit less narration space, & no crosswords if I remember correctly.

Doesn't Apologia have a Young Earth view? Do you agree with that?
Yes, I'm very aware of the old earth/young earth debate & where these books sit within that. I am, however, completely uninterested in the debate or answering questions based on that thought pattern. I think there are many better things to spend our time worrying about. I choose to use these books because the majority of their content fits the needs my family has. It's simply that easy.

Where do you purchase your Apologia books?
I tend to purchase my Apologia books from CBD as they will ship internationally & generally the shipping is reasonable all though their prices did go up in the past year or so. Book Depository does sell the books & journals though if you'd rather purchase them that way. I've also purchased several used & had no issues with that either.

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Mel said...

We have been using this since the beginning of term two. We are just up to the 6th lesson. Brielle has found some of the readings challenging but she has enjoyed it a lot and freely gives passionate oral narrations. She isn't a huge fan of the crosswords...she does her best and then we do the rest together :)
As for the whole 'Young Earth' belief - I have only come across one small paragraph in Flying Creatures of the 5th day that related to this...and I just skipped over it ( I read it to Joshua and he narrates. He won't read them on his own until he is 10 yrs old).
Brielle reads on her own and she knows better if she comes across it :)
I hope you all enjoy it too :)