Saturday, July 13, 2013

A Weekend Out..

A couple of weekends ago we drove into the city to catch the Hawks game & wouldn't you know it was some kinda wild weather. Thankfully I'd prepped Jayden repeatedly about the fact that the sky would be miserable & that it would probably rain, but not to panic we'd be under cover. He's petrified of wind & rain most of the time.

When the sun poked it's head out for about 10 minutes during the third quarter I got all excited because I was pretty sure I'd get the feeling back in my legs, but Mr deflated that balloon when he said he wasn't convinced it was the sun as much as the lights. Ha!

Morgan was disappointed he didn't get his sign made, he was determined to make a sign that said something down the lines of, "My father made me come, I don't like the Hawks." or something of that nature. He was going for funny & honest all rolled into one, I think. He was pretty eager to cheer for the Lions, all though disappointed in the outcome.

There was a competition at half time to show your support for your team & Jayde wanted me to SMS this photo for him. Yeah, well I kinda missed the number. Whoops. Mr S took Jayden down to the grounds afterwards to high five his team instead. He was most content with that, all though disappointed his favourite player wasn't the one who came to his side of the grounds after play.  And yes, that is a stuffed Lego Man, it's done many rounds with us including a trip to the US I do believe.

The boys each purchased one with their own money & then a week later those crazy dolls were half price! Mr S felt so bad for them he went & purchased them each another one. Despite having 4 at one time we are down to 3 3/4. Yep, you read that right. The arm of one fell off & we're pretty sure the other one was left reading a book at the library a few years ago. There were many tears shed over that, & still the occasional wonder of where the crazy doll might be.

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plann2walkonwata said...

I just have to send you this comment. I found my way onto your blog while searching for rhymes for writing numbers... an hour and a half ago. I became so caught up in your daily affairs, laughing and scooping up advice, laughing some more... that I totally didn't realize my husband had taken the kids to the store. (I have 3 kids - 2 of which are toddlers and our house is a very open log cabin). Thanks for being you. lol... I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of your family -- if only for an hour and a half. lol