Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Visitor

Meet George, the crazy currawong that visits us very regularly & has started bringing it's much more shy mate with it. No idea if George was a visitor before we moved into this house, but he was quickly attracted to our home shortly after we moved in. He use to go right up to Jayden's bedroom window & peek in at him. We thought he was heavily attracted to the shiny objects in the window, which the boys removed, but George still keeps coming daily for his visits.

Mind you, his biggest reason for coming is to pop up to the door, peer in at us to see if we are watching & then attempt to steal some of the dog chow from the bowl. However, even if the bowl is inside instead of out he'll still come up & have a peep in the backdoor then go scavenge things from the garden.

In fact, he & the dog had a big of a game one day. We throw the empty peanut butter jars outside for the dog to lick clean. Only, one day George was pretty intent to use his very long beak to get what the dog could not reach. Except Buster wasn't very keen that someone else was after his special treat. Which meant he'd wait until George's head was in the jar & then he'd sneak up behind him to chase him away.

Lest you think this bird is small, I tried to get a closer picture, but I'm afraid while George doesn't mind sitting on the fence while we stare at him, or popping right up to the door to see what we are doing, he doesn't seem to enjoy having his photo taken. He's a tricky fellow sitting there gawking at me until I pick up my camera or phone to snap his mug shot, then he gleefully steps aside so I can't get a proper shot.

He's especially sneaky about it when he brings his mate around, can you see them both in the photo above? The one farther back in the top left hand corner of the photo is the mate. S/he runs up to steal a bit of chow & then quickly dashes off to our trampoline to enjoy the spoils. They are also much less bold & do not peep in the window or door before helping themselves, they try to sneak up, instead. Hiding under the table & trying to stay in the shadows. It's offered us many hours of entertainment to watch them, that's for sure!

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