Monday, July 8, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 20

Our final week of Term 2 was a bit of a hodge podge of things we wanted to wrap up before stopping for a 2 week break.  One of those things was Morgan's paper ear model that went along with his science for the week. He's a bit farther behind in the science that we had aimed to be & might end up with a couple of weeks that trail into the summer, but that's okay. He was a little annoyed with the cochlea because he'd used a tri colour crayon on it that turned out more like scribble then rainbow. Whoops! The whole thing folds down & there's a paper ear that sits on top.

We also tried our hands at a few minor experiments in regards to hearing. Nothing major, but he enjoyed them which is what counts the most!  We also started another book that goes with Science F, Food & Nutrition for Every Kid. We may pick & choose which chapters we read within that book though.

In case your wondering the ear model came from the Scholastic Human Body book I mentioned last week. The book matches up really well with this particular science core & offers a bit of hands on. It's also more fun to build the model then label it, all though I've still had him label them as well.

The boys are still singing Advance Australia Fair with much gusto. We'll start a new hymn next when we resume in Term 3. I think we're diverting from the original plan because Jayden has one he's desperate for us to sing. 

We wrapped up our reading of Job & will start in I Timothy next term. Yes, we bounce around a little with the plan we are using, but that's okay. We're looking at reading through our Bibles in 180 days too so we might change our original plan, who knows! The boys started working on a new set of verses in the Memory Box, sometimes we move through verses quickly & sometimes it takes more time. Jayden is still the quickest of all of us though.

We wrapped up this book which had a rather miserable & disappointing ending in our opinion. In fact, I'll have to share in detail about the book later. I also think I slipped it into the wrong timeframe for Australian history despite the dates of young Jules Diary. I'll explain that later too.

Both boys continued reading their books to me. Jayden reads very well, but is prone to skip words instead of sounding them out so I still have him read aloud to me regularly in order to be sure he's improving with those larger words. He's currently reading an Adventure's In Odyssey book to me about WW II, once that's finished he'll start working through the stack of books I shared before.

Morgan was hoping to wrap his book up by Term Break, but he had that week with a sore throat {again} & I told him I thought it best to rest his throat & not read to me. His reading is coming along really well too & his goal is to read Lord Of The Rings by summer. For a child his age that might seem like a pretty easy goal, but you have to remember Morgan is behind in regards to reading levels due to his SSS. Having said that, he's really making a lot of progress which is evident in the ever growing stack of Geronimo Stilton books he's read & the daily reading aloud to me. I especially love his old person voice & his raging voice. All though I try very hard not to giggle.

Thursday we met up with some friends for a day of planning & playing. The boys are attempting to work their way of handcuffs that were hooked together. They spent the rest of the evening telling us all about the fun they'd had & then completely forgot to attempt this trick on Dad when he got in from work. Which might have also had something to do with the fact that they realised they'd lost Jayden's handcuffs at a local park.

The boys had their final swim lesson of the term on Thursday as well. They enjoyed showing what they remembered from the term & then worked on more safety/survival skills which had the parents laughing quite a bit. Which might, or might not, have had a lot to do with their swim coach squealing a lot. The above picture shows them trying to help a friend who was struggling to stay afloat in the water. Jayden is in the red up against the wall as he'd all ready had a go & there was an uneven number of students. Morgan is the one in the middle with the green hat & blue shirt. 

They both finished up a math lesson I'd intentionally dragged out as I didn't want them to jump into new stuff until after term break. Much to Morgan's disappointment we skipped writing this week because I opted to have term break start on Friday & I knew we'd be too busy on Thursday to get his fourth day in. Instead I bought Sword In The Stone for him to watch.

Odd thought, perhaps, but we'd read a portion of the book that movie is based on & he was so smitten with the reading I picked up the movie. We've put the book on our Summer reading list which actually works very nicely since that's the time period he'll be studying in history next year! 

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What a great week. YOu all do some great things.
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