Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weird Traditions

Many years ago we played a game on Morgan's birthday called "find the penguins".  I'd snuck around the house before he'd woken up & hidden a dozen or more laminated penguins. It was that simple. It caused a great amount of laughing & kept the kids busy for days because while the penguins were all found that day, they held great delight in finding them over & over again.

Eventually we had it down to just one penguin. Someone would find him & then hide it in a new place. This went on for a good length of time until, one day, someone hid him & couldn't remember where. We've moved house since then & there's often been questions about wondering if the new occupants ever found our crazy missing penguin.

Things have been a little wild here this week trying to balance school, sickies, rearranging, & all that kinda stuff. During one of those crazy moments when we couldn't tell up from down Morgan threw himself on the couch & says, "I really miss that penguin." To which I'm thinking, "Huh?"

After explaining himself he asked if he could print a new picture out for the game so we could get back to it. Why not? Of course he chose the insane Toad character from the Mario games. He has this odd fascination with that creature that's all I can say. Mr S was home sick & considering the hideous rendition we'd just given of Advance Australia Fair he was no longer sleeping & offered to help resize the image while I made lunch.

Next thing I knew the game was a foot! Here's the thing though, no one goes around intentionally looking for the hidden item. Nope, you just go about life as normal & the goal is that you'll eventually stumble upon it. So when I was standing in my closet picking things up I spotted the crazy creature hiding in Mr S' clothing. So I snatched it up & hid it in plain sight in a picture frame in our lounge room. Not only did I hide in plain view I did it in front of all 3 guys who were deeply engrossed in reasons why the boys felt it a worthy expenditure to use their pocket money on purchasing MineCraft.

It took them 3 days to find it. Apparently it was hidden on a book case next, & then found inside Mr S' nightstand. Which explains why I found it beside the sink this morning. Apparently Mr S hid it in the clean dishes this morning hoping to leave a fun surprise for children during their chores. Only, a certain little boy got off this specific chore to keep his sick brother company & I found it! I hid it in plain sight again where they should find it if they do a chore correctly. It'll be interesting to see if they've discovered it before going to bed tomorrow night.

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Multi-tasking Mama said...

I love this game! I am going to start it right now here. Thanks so much for sharing.

(Am going to hide it at the bottom of the washing to be folded ... could remain there forever ... lol)