Thursday, June 6, 2013

Springhill Farm Bread Mix

I don't normally toute a lot about products our family uses directly on my blog. There's a lot of reasons for that, but the other day while I was making up another batch of the lovely Springhill Farm bread I couldn't resist snapping a few photos to share.

Last year, or was it the year before? I had some allergy tests run via a naturopath. Most of what she told me wasn't a huge surprise, unless you couldn't being told to avoid rice. That was pretty weird considering I've never eaten much rice in the first place. Oddly enough she was pretty surprised wheat came back with no problems. Despite that result, I still don't eat wheat because it does make me sick. Usually in the form of a migraine, & honestly if one can avoid not feeling well, they do. Right?

One day while dashing into one of our local health food shops I spotted a bread mix that screamed Gluten Free on it. I rarely buy gluten free products because most of them contain rice flour. Considering rice came back abnormal for me I do try to avoid it, especially the puffed crispy kind which generally makes me feel like I'm choking, but I digress..

The point is I ended up peeking at the back of the package to read the ingredient label. I was amazed to see that the product is made from garbanzo/chick pea flour. I'd tried to make a chickpea bread before, but it hadn't been that great. Okay, honestly it'd been so bad that aside from the one bite I did try the whole thing went into the bin. I was quite curious, at that point, to know if this would taste better. I decided to grab the fruit mix version & give it a go. Better is an understatement, it was amazing!

The only thing is it goes stale pretty quickly so I like to make a batch, slice it & then pop it all into the freezer. When someone wants a piece we just throw it in the toaster. Mind you, I'm pretty much the only one who eats it because the men in this house get a little funny about not having white bread. They're working on that issue because we're pretty sure Jayden has most of the same food issues that I have, but that's another story..

When Mr S was in Sydney for his work convention, I'd told the boys if they really worked hard to do their school work & helped share the load of work that Mr S normally does we'd have a slumber party on Friday night so they could stay up late until Daddy got home. The first question out of my boys mouths was, "Will there be pizza?" Jayden said, "No, we can't have pizza Mom & I can't have milk. That would be unfair." To which I said, "Wait, I think we can have pizza & I'll make it so it's safe to eat!" Jayden & I both avoid milk for differing reasons. Milk gives me migraines & it causes his eczema to rear it's head & can often give him tummy upset. So pizza has become a bit of a rarity in our home,.

I'd been toying with the idea for a while of using The Real Bread Mix Original to make a pizza crust with & I figured this was a great excuse to give it a go. I ended up changing it up just a little & put in 50ml's less of water & adding 3T of oil, which is how I'd normally make pizza dough. Then I threw in a teaspoon of garlic powder & a few random shakes of basil. Mixed it all up in our stand mixer & then popped the bowl in the oven to let it rise. I always throw it in my oven to rise, I just turn my oven to 50 {c} to get it raising quickly.

THe thing about this dough is that it's really sticky, but there's a trick to not making it stick to you. It's called water. As long as your hands are wet with water you're safe. Don't try to use oil or a bit of the bread mix, trust me on this. Water. It's that simple. If the dough starts sticking to you again then get them wet again. I had to get my fingers wet many times over in order to get the dough onto my trays.

I just plopped dough down on greased pans & kept right on spreading with my wet fingers until the pan was evenly covered. It worked for me. Then I popped them right back in my warm oven to keep rising while I prepped the toppings. My boys are weird & don't like typical American toppings, so we generally have chicken, green pepper/capsicum, & pineapples.

We just decorated as normal: sauce, toppings, & then cheese. I did actually plan to put cheese on one pizza & not on the other, but in the end they both ended up being cheese pizzas. We've yet to find a non-cheese cheese that we're even daring enough to taste. I'm not keen on trying soy products which is the biggest draw back to not trying them.

Super easy, & our finished results were delicious. The boys knew I was making it safe to eat, all though I did warn about my cheese blooper & Jayden was willing to eat it. I was going to pick the cheese back off the second pizza, but then he said he'd eat it anyway. If they noticed a difference they didn't say anything. Mr S even had a few slices at 130 in the morning for his very late supper, or is that very early breakfast? Anyway, he didn't say anything about it, all though I warned him it wasn't a normal crust it was wheat free. I felt he deserved a warning because he once ate a piece of my cauliflower crust pizza & nearly spat it across the table deeming it as, "Very very wrong for pizza!" Ha, poor man.

Here's the thing. Springhill didn't ask me to share this product, I just happen to really love it & feel others should know about it. I've no idea if you can obtain it outside of Australia. Within Tassie I've found it at my local health food store{s} & a local IGA. I know you can order directly from their website too, which I'm thinking of doing as we tend to shop monthly anyway.

One bag of origional mix made the two pizzas pictured above. One tray is about 3/4 of the length of the other, but it was enough pizza to feed two raging hungry boys, a starving husband, & myself. Both for dinner & then some of us had it for breakfast as well. Others wouldn't touch it for breakfast because, "That's just wrong." To which we said, "You're so unAmerican!" And his reply was, "Duh!"


Mel said...

wow that looks great!

Sheryll said...

I'm not getting the can't have milk/can't have pizza connection. Do you mean dough made with milk? The pizza looks so good, I'm glad you have found one that works!