Sunday, June 30, 2013

Selecting Books

Jayden is my picky reader. He's not opposed to reading, but he knows what he likes & what he doesn't.  It took a while to find a book he'd be content to read with me, & as he's nearing it's end I asked him what he wanted to read next. What kind of book did he want. His answer was immediate, "War." I wasn't really surprised by that answer.

He's all about everything military. Studying about the Revolutionary War, Civil War, & the World Wars was sheer delight for him over the past two years, but he's just as happy to read about the smaller wars in any country. It's not the fact that it's war that entices him as much as the adventure & military factors that excite him.

So I scanned my shelves for books I knew would entice him upon his request. I didn't just select books with war themes as I knew I had other books he'd enjoy. I also wanted to show him he could find adventure & loveable characters in other books as well. I had him arrange the books in the order he most wanted to read them, & then I snapped a photo so I wouldn't forget. Here's what he's selected:

  • Nathan Hale: Patriot Spy {I think Morgan read this one a few years ago, but not Jayden. Nathan Hale is his kinda guy..}
  • Yankee Doodle Boy {This is the diary of a boy from the Revolutionary War, he's super keen to read this, and originally was planning to read it first.}
  • Night Journeys {This was a book we obtained with our Winter Promise AA-1 Theme, but never read}
  • The Secret Soldier {We read this one back when we studied the Revolutionary War so he knows he's gonna love this book}
  • George Washington's Socks {We purchased this one many years ago, & it obviously takes place during the Revolutionary War.}
  • Farmer Boy {He's such a big Laura fan I thought he might love reading about Almonzo}
  • Dog of Discovery {Another WP Reader from our AA-1 Theme}
  • Davy Crockett {It's Davy Crockett, need I say more?!}
  • Benjamin West & His Cat Grimalkin {Jayden is really into art lately so I thought he'd enjoy this story}
We've told him once he finishes the stack of books he'll get a reading certificate. My boys are pretty keen for certificates lately. As in, they noticed there were certificates to be earned in the back of their maths books as well as their spelling books. I also told them when they completed their themes for the year they'll get one then as well. So why not a certificate for accomplishing a hefty amount of reading too?! 

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reader19 said...

Yes; my Dd wants to stop and focus on all the WARS; war is her favorite topic forearm about in our lessons too!!!!