Monday, June 10, 2013

All About Spelling Tiles

With the All About Spelling programme you can magnetise the little letter tiles & use them on a magnetic white board. Here's the thing, I don't have a magnetic white board, & the last 3 white boards we've had seem to have held a lot of marker stain rather early in their lives. Now, chances are it's probably because I'm very cheap & bought inexpensive ones.

However, I figured rather then going out & purchasing a magnetic white board straight away I'd use my fridge. The company recommends a board that is 2' by 3', I told Mr S that, & then said it didn't really matter for us though as I'd set it up with the space I had. Joker that he is, he offered to flip the fridge for me & commented that when people ask why it's like that he can tell them it has to do with the children's education.

Yeah, no. I could have used our chest freezer too, all though that's more square then rectangular & it's in a room of the house we don't generally heat in the winter. So the fridge was the next logical step.

I actually printed the letter tiles {red, blue, purple, orange, & yellow} that are spread around the fridge on magnetic paper. I'd heard a lot of complaints that putting the magnet on the tiles caused them to fall off. I wasn't willing to have that kinda mess each time I closed my fridge.  I use to keep magnetic letters on my fridge for the kids to play with when they were littler & oh my the tears spilled if letters tipped off before the note was read by the intended person..

The jail, prefixes, & tiles at the bottom of the fridge are as they came from AAS & Mr S helped glue bits of magnet to the back of them so we could get the whole thing set up. We'll add to it as the kids travel through the levels. Morgan is flying through Level 1 right now, which isn't a huge surprise as he's very solid with his phonics. He's very happy to be making such quick progress. Jayden isn't doing too bad, but I slowed him down a bit because I was a bit surprised to see what caused him to stumble. Jayden was our self-taught reader. His phonics lessons were often what he heard his brother doing, & that's not to say he didn't have his own but generally he all ready knew the information in them. So it's been an interesting journey for us.

Incase you're wondering about the group of tiles in the middle. I printed 2 sets of letter tiles onto the magnetic paper but only cut out one set for now. The kids were eager to watch Gnomeo & Juliet to wrap up their latest Shakespeare read, so I decided to join them instead of cutting out magnets. I was joking when I told you my kids were a little Shakespeare ga-ga!

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