Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A Few Reviews..

I've been a bit slack sharing some of the reviews we've written for The Curriculum Choice. Our most recent review is based on the books A Collection Of Math Lessons, my absolute favourite math books ever. I've had the Red & Blue books for a while & have gleaned much from them. I need to read them again & obtain the Yellow Book. That seemed a long ways off when I first bought the red book! I'll warn you before you go peeking at the review that the books are a bit pricey, all though I picked mine up used & felt it was very worth the effort.

I also shared our love for The Word Spy over on The Curriculum Choice as well earlier this year. My boys seriously love that book & refer to The Word Spy as a true friend. I hear things like, "Yeah, but didn't The Word Spy say.." Imagine their delight when a package from her showed up in our post box complete with a coded letter they had to solve & official badges to say they were part of The Word Spy Club. Sheer delight. We're now reading Return Of The Word Spy which has elicited all most as much laughter as the first book did. Mr S was home from work the first two days this week as he's tried to fight another cold & the boys insisted he absolutely had to listen to the section we were reading that particular day. They were a little disappointed that upon waking him from slumber & prying earbuds out of his ears to hear information about babytalk didn't cause him to double up in laughter as it did them.

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