Saturday, June 29, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 19

One more week until the end of term, that's the chant around here lately. Which means we're still busy working away with our studies. It's been a slightly hectic term so I'm looking forward to a break &, prayerfully, a slightly calmer third term.

That's pretty much what our school table looks like about 20 minutes into our day. I have stopped things, many times over, to instruct people to put their books & supplies away before pulling anything else out. It's probably a miracle there's only one dirty dish on that table, but then again that's one thing I make them put away straight up.

With all the papers & books on the table I don't like the risk of something getting spoiled due to a spill. In fact, they don't generally eat at that table, but it was yogurt day. Which pretty much means for the first time in weeks the shop had our coconut milk yogurt in stock so I splurged & bought some. Between you & me, I think the only reason the boys like it is the crushed up raspberries we put on top. After all, who can resist a raspberry?!

Math this week slowed down for Morgan, not so much because the lesson was hard, but because I didn't want to start long division before term break. So he enjoyed Mitten Multiplication & Upside Down Multiplication, nothing extremely challenging for him, to be honest. In fact he was kinda annoyed about doing the upside down multiplication because he knew the answers without doing it in the long form. I assured him it was good practice for long division work. Jayden seems to have finally conquered borrowing, which is how he landed in the MUS book he's in. He'll most likely fly through the first half of the Gamma book in Term 4 as well because he knows all most all of his multiplication facts by heart.

We visited Russia this week. The boys worked for a while on their notebooking pages together while I busied myself with other tasks. We had a few cities & lakes we didn't end up labeling, but the boys enjoyed the rest of their notebooking pages. Morgan asked for the colour sheets to his Travel Diary, so I obliged him. I don't blame him, the World Travel Diary is awesome as it is, but in colour it's amazing!

They had a few figures from Germany to put on the wall map, as well as the pieces for Russia. Our map only has a portion of Russia showing, at this point, because it's the portion that's considered part of Europe. I think I might need to print out the Asia map as well so they can see Russia as a whole, they like to try & decide what each country most looks like.

The boys are still moving along in their AAS, I suspect if we sat for longer they'd accomplish more & move through Level 1 a bit quicker, but honestly I'm happy with the progress they are making at the pace we are going with it. I had Morgan use a dry erase marker on our glass sliding door for spelling one day, but he couldn't see what he was writing very well so he taped a piece of paper to the outside of the door to give it a bright background. Jayden had a go with it & then said, "Wow, I didn't know marker erased off paper!" We had such a laugh.

Morgan has been reading through the Usborne DNA & Gene book with his Sonlight Science, but as I've mentioned before was a little disappointed with the lack of experiments this year. While the boys were busy spending pocket money at the toy shop I was looking through the science kit section & spotted a DNA kit. So he made himself a nifty double helix ladder.

On our last visit to the library, two weeks ago shockingly enough, I snagged this audio cd which has 3 Paddington stories on it. We started listening to it last week as we drove Mr S to & from work while he recoupes from that nasty cold & cough he had. Despite declaring Paddington, "for babies." Jayden has thoroughly enjoyed the story. I knew he would, he loves characters who mean well, but end up in hot water. I think he easily relates to them. Anyway, we've laughed ourselves into fits of tears listening to these stories. The first 2 Paddington stories are on this cd & then the most recent one that was written 30 years after the first: Paddington Here & Now is on there as well. We started the later yesterday, & oh my that first chapter was so funny I thought I was going to have to pull the car over I was laughing so hard. The boys are totally smitten with Paddington, & have declared that we must buy the whole set of books. I tickled them pink by purchasing the 3rd book used this week.

Jayden & I have struck a happy medium with his writing & handwriting. I've told him that as soon as his handwriting is neat at all times he can drop the handwriting book, otherwise he either has to do writing or handwriting. I agreed that he did not have to do both on the same day. However, I did have him use the same sheet of paper for the week in regards to his writing. This backfired a little when he was doing dictation & decided to "surprise me" & flipped the page over to gather the rest of the sentence instead of waiting for me to read it out. Good intentions, good intentions. I explained that when we do dictation he doesn't need to skip ahead, but I gave him a gold star for being diligent in his work.

Morgan is totally & utterly in love with his writing. I'm not sure what part of it he loves more, the quips from lovely books we might not have considered reading or the fact that he gets to write. This week we read bits from the book that The Sword In The Stone was based on. Did you know that movie was based on a book? I think we'll grab it for Kindle to read this summer, if I can hold out that long!  Morgan was delighted to write about the Titanic this week & he did really well with the assignment. He told Mr S, "I wrote about the Titanic this week, the Captain said something pretty famous."

We finished A Midsummer Night's Dream this week as well. We're still reading a Shakespeare story each week. The idea was really to do this with Morgan, but Jayden seems to find himself lured into each story & gets quite annoyed with us if we try to sneak in a reading without him. Because we finished A Midsummer's Night Dream early in the week we jumped right into MacBeth.

Friday we wrapped up The Tale Of Christopher Mouse much to the displeasure of Morgan & the joy of Jayden. Jayden was not keen on the story, I think it was too emotional for him & while there was adventure it wasn't the type of adventure & fun that he enjoys. Morgan, however, really enjoys stories like that & was disappointed with the ending. After our school was wrapped up we headed to our local library, only to discover we'd forgotten all the books & had to go back home to get them. Jayden insisted he wasn't staying there more then 30 minutes, which was apparently short. An hour later I was sweating the parking meter & reminding them the dog was in the car waiting for his walk.

By the time the kids finally wrapped up their library trip Mr S met us at the car, literally, & we took the dog for a night walk along a path by the ocean. We stopped on some benches on the way back to enjoy some orange juice while the boys told Mr S all about our outing the day before & the friend they were hoping would ring for a chat. In fact they lectured Mr S that if someone called asking for them it was not a joke call, but a very serious call. Not too shabby of a week.

The boys were back to swim lessons this week, much to their delight. Still working on perfecting strokes & survival skills. Only one more lesson this term, which I'm not quite sure Jayden has figured out yet. Now that he's no longer bothered to jump or dive in he doesn't like missing out on his swim days. We also tried a few ear experiments to prove that one not only hears with their ears, but also their bones. Interesting stuff! The boys also pulled out some Where In The World Is Carmen SanDiego videos to see if they could find the one about Russia to watch.


Dawn said...

What a wonderful week. Your weeks unfold in such a lovely and gentle way. The map you are using is nice. Did you make it yourself?
Blessings, Dawn

Kendra said...

Yes, we did make that ourselves.. or rather we printed it out from the lovely mega maps website:

plann2walkonwata said...

How do you perform diction with your son? I'm just curious and am thinking about doing it with mine.

Kendra said...

Well, for now we don't do it very stiffly. I dictate something he used as copywork earlier in the week. I read out one word at a time & if I'm not sure he knows how to spell it I ask him & help him. I remind him of where punctuation goes. That's not how it's normally suggested/done, but it works for us for now & gets him writing which is his most despised activity. ;)