Saturday, June 22, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 18

Another week completed, which seems hard to believe it's only been a week! It's funny that when people are sick & you're juggling a lot more on your plate that it seems like a lot more time has elapsed then normal.

When I was looking back over my planner for the past week I was delighted to see it all filled in with lots of colours stating we'd accomplished so much, but then I asked, out loud, "Has it really only been a week since Jayden's birthday!" You know, it didn't even feel like a long week, but then we were kept quite busy.

Mr S was home sick for 2 days with a cold. He & Jayden seemed to have come down with it at about the same time, but Jayden wasn't let off the hook from school. We don't often take off school when the kids are sick unless they are flat out. Jayden wasn't so we carried on as we would normally.

Love my colourful pencil-pens? They are pens that are suppose to look a bit like pencils. I like to use 4-5 different colours for my planner, but my green was leaking & I needed a finer pointed one anyway. I popped into the office supply store on Wednesday to pick up a new pen when I saw a couple of lovely packages of them. I controlled myself & only bought the smaller package.

Monday, while Jayden was busy writing a secret letter to Mr S {it was actually a very funny letter begging him to get better soon because he wanted to play a game with him..} Morgan & I sat down to tackle an outstanding writing assignment he had. I absolutely love the writing programme we've been using with him this year, all though we haven't moved at quite the pace I had intended. When we started the assignment he was actually in his chair, & when I suddenly noticed the room go dark I looked up from my typing & he was sitting on the table scanning his notes. His assignment was to write a 150-300 word Chronological Narration, which he did wonderfully well with.

The boys are still giving way too much pomp & circumstance to Advance Australia Fair, this week, during one of the days Mr S was attempting to sleep off the cold, the boys were singing at full tilt while flailing arms around. Yeah, Mr S came out & told them they were doing a, "Very fine job indeed, much better then those blokes on the computer I should say."

We added a new verse to our box this week. Or rather I found a verse floating in our box that we didn't work on last year & so I pulled it up to our daily section. It was time to update & rotate verses around, all though the boys had a good chuckle that our Monday verse{s} haven't changed in about a year. They were working on some verses to go with a shadow puppet play we never got to, so I figured until they do the verses will stay.

We're still reading through two poetry books this year, one animal based for Jayden & the other was the one that goes with Morgan's Core this year. Both are well done, all though Morgan's gotten a little frustrated with reading poems from his book & prefers to let me read them. We started using the Adventure In Odyssey Devotional a few weeks ago & the boys are both enjoying it. We've been using the Animal Devotional all year as it made a nice fit with Jayden's zoology. We're still working our way through Psalms & Job for Bible reading. I think I need to pull out the What's In The Bible Dvd again on Job for them, but they aren't doing too bad with it.

Excuse the mess & the blur.. For Australian history this week we continued to read Voyage To Botany Bay, it's been interesting reading about it from the French perspective & I'm still curious if my original thought process on the ending of this story will turn out as I expect. We finished the first Snugglepot & Cuddlepie story in our book, all though there are two more in there. We've also spent a bit of time over the last week or two watching My Place, which is an Australian History show based on a small picture book. It takes you through many years of seeing families living in one small area. It's been really interesting to watch & one of those things the boys ask each evening if we can watch one or two of. I'm not sure what they'll do when they finish the series!

Jayden begged to do the Children Around The World theme with Morgan stating that, "I want to do maps & flags too!" I had intended to use it with him in a year or two as he'd picked the animal theme, but I also didn't want to miss out on an opportunity to dish up something educational to a child who rarely asks for it. Instead I snagged a second copy of The World Traveler's Diary {this time in ebook form} & after reading the spine to the boys I set them up at the table to work. I was going to supervise, but I was told that I was prohibiting them from actually getting work done & that they worked faster when I wasn't in the way. Ho-hum, so I went & folded a few loads of laundry, tidied up a couple of rooms, & then proceeded to rearrange the house. Okay, not the whole house, just a couple of large pieces of furniture. They worked really well together & I was impressed with Jayden was more then eager to let Morgan help him when he needed it.

Jayden attended to his own writing this week. He still just does copywork & dictation for writing, but he has to take an oral narration down to a couple of sentences & that often becomes his copywork. He's getting much better at his narrations & this week I told him that as soon as his handwriting was neat at all times during copywork we'd drop the handwriting book. There was a huge & vast improvement in the tidiness of his work, & he was delighted to find a huge stocker screaming AWESOME! on his page too. I've also cut back on handwriting for him, which seems a little backwards, but he simply isn't able to cope with handwriting lessons on the same days he does copywork or dictation. I get better work from him if I only require one of those.

Ahh, now you've caught me out on some of the furniture I was rearranging.. Morgan had a break from official math lessons this week because I wanted him to become more comfortable with division with remainders because I was a little worried he wasn't quite ready to move on. However, he proved that he was perfectly comfortable with that process & we actually ended up practicing something else that was tripping him up. He's now officially just over halfway through the book so depending on the pace he takes with the rest of the book will depend on if we tackle a second math book this year or not.

Jayden was still moving at his normal pace all though I discovered he needed a little review with the second lesson I'd assigned him for the week. However, once he decided to pull out the hundreds chart to get his barrings he did fine & will be ready to continue moving forward next week. He's more then halfway through the book & pretty excited to know that when he's done he'll end up with a certificate of completion.

Morgan worked on changing cursive to print in his handwriting book. He was working on cursive last year but struggled to read it, so I was delighted to see this print book was going to show him how to read it first. He didn't do too badly either. Notice all the medals around his neck? Those were from a birthday party we'd had on Sunday. When I went to town to get Mr S' medicine & more tissues we had a couple of people comment on how awesome he must have done in school to get so many medals. We didn't correct them. While headed to the car some lady ran past us then stopped & ran back exclaiming, "Wow Mate! You must be REALLY awesome at school, keep up the good work!" Then she ran off. I told Morgan if another person stopped us I was going to tell them he got them for each letter of his abc's that he knew.

I pulled the "piano" out of the ice cold depths of the back rooms in our home & brought it to the school area. It meant moving a huge cabinet that had shelves stacked on top of it, a computer desk, & rearranging half the lounge room, but it was totally worth it to see Mr S' face light up when he came in from work & dash over to have a play. Until I realised I'd forgotten to pull out the speakers. Whoops. He had it all hooked up in a matter of minutes & was quickly over powered by the boys who were keen to have a go too.

We're still reading through Christopher Mouse & Wheel On The School all though we've been a little delayed on the later as we have quite a few, if not too many, books going at one time. We also haven't wrapped our missionary story, George Mueller, with the last two chapters hanging over us. I'm debating reading those on the weekend to the boys!

The boys picked up A Bear Called Paddington from the library which we absolutely devoured last week amidst a whole lot of laughter & giggles. Jayden was very opposed to listening to it at first because he was convinced Paddington was only for babies. He was thinking of the lovely little Paddington book he use to read every night that was a board book. However, once we loaded the cd up he was in love. We were so excited to learn that the cd we'd snagged from the library also has More About Paddington on it so once we finished the first book we simply began the second one as well.

Jayden also worked on his lovely Animal World Theme, all though I have no photos because he & Mr S did most of the reading with it snuggled up under a quilt before we went to swim practice one day. In fact, the only day we indulged in swimming this past week as Morgan was hit with the cold by Tuesday evening. Both boys were quite put out that I said they couldn't go to swim lessons. Alas..

Morgan's also been reading to me, but we laid that aside when his sore throat hurt. Yep, I still assign the boys books to read aloud to me so I can see their progress. I also ask them what they've been reading at night, all though with Morgan it's pretty much guaranteed he'll be reading some form or Geronimo Stilton lately.

All in all not a bad week considering we had some form of sick people all week. We're hoping Morgan will be well on the mend by our Tuesday afternoon swim practice session next week, but we'll see how things go. The boys also enjoyed an activity day with our local homeschool group & then playing with friends afterwards. Two more weeks until Term break!


Kylie said...

Love reading your week in review posts. That map on your wall looks great, have shared details on how you work through in an earlier post?

Kendra said...

Aww, thanks Kylie. Yes, it's the same place we made the China map, but here's the post for how we did the Europe version:

Kylie said...

Thanks Kendra :-)

Tracey Clifford said...

Nice post but I just noticed you have a lefty and a righty just like me.