Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 17

Week 17, or as a friend pointed out, nearly halfway through our school year! It made sense considering both boys are more then halfway through their math books, but I hadn't really made the connection so it was lovely for someone to point it out to me!

I actually intended to use this as a bit of a catch-up week for ourselves because I knew our days for true work would be limited & I didn't want anyone, as in me, feeling frazzled over what wasn't being accomplished.

We had Monday off which was a public holiday & since Mr S was home it was also a school holiday in our house. We went for a lovely walk that went a whole lot like, "Stop complaining & keep moving!" followed by, "But I'm telling you Mom it's raining on me & you know how I feel about rain!" Yeah, anyway we all made it back alive all though I'm pretty sure it might take the cake for least fun family walk ever.

Tuesday we were a little more focused as Morgan had a few pages of math I really wanted him to finish up. I think we've found our resting spot for a week as he becomes comfortable with the concept he's reached in math. Truthfully it's not entirely new to him, but remainders seem to freak him out a bit. So we'll take an extra week to work with those pesky little remainders & reevaluate then. He also had a few notebooking projects to finish off. Jayden didn't have as much work waiting for finishing, all though I did throw him a nifty 4 page math test. He wasn't impressed.

Wednesday a certain little boy turned 10 & I had this ridiculous idea that we'd do a pinch of school. Laugh, I did. Instead we chatted with Gram, put together 3 nifty playmobil sets, & then I spent the afternoon trying not to laugh myself senseless over every crazy thing they acted out with the new sets. They certainly enjoyed themselves! We also took a walk so he could use his lovely new pocket knife & then I convinced him to walk a new trail with me by telling him he could mark every so many trees so we didn't get lost.

Excuse the funky pixels in the photo, I was trying to be sure only my children's faces were in the photo & all that.. Thursday we had a lovely time with our local homeschool group. A group from a semi-local college came in & did some drama with the kids. This was the group my boys paired up with to put on a short skit about someone getting fired in an elevator. It was actually quite funny & I have a video of it somewhere too. Both my boys ended up fired by the end of the skit! I was actually really impressed with Jayden getting out & joining in without asking me to go with him. He's often very shy about putting himself out there in this manner, but not only did he enjoy himself in the little skit, but the activity afterwards where you acted on your own he voluntarily went up countless times as well.

Friday Morgan & I fixed up his Children Around The World Geography notebook up to date. He had a few straggling things on a couple of pages & a whole lot of just filing he needed to do. Our laminator broke several months ago & so the page dividers we'd been making came to a huge halt  While out last weekend Mr S insisted on buying a new one. I told him that I'd make good use of it, but I didn't need one. To which he said, "Yes you do, I saw you covering things with contact paper!" Ha, true I was. Here's some of Morgan's lovely Ireland pages. The page on the left is part of the Winter Promise Curriculum we use the page on the left was some extra things he did from the Passport To Ireland unit study.

Again, the page on the left is from Winter Promise. The colours are a bit brighter then the photo shows. He pastes in the flag of the country he studies & puts the number it's marked with on the larger map underneath it. That page is just for the European countries. The page on the left is what we were using for country dividers. Originally we glued some to actual notebook dividers, it was while laminating the China one that our laminator gave up on us. We decided, upon getting the new one, just to laminate the pages & we can add tabs later if we want.

Last week he used Passport To France while studying France & I made up some notebooking pages with the questions from the unit study on them. That way after he read about it he could record specific things. We included little pictures on the bottom of the pages for fun. We filed the stack of those he did away this week as well.

We also updated his passport with stops that he's made. He was tickled pink to see it filling up. The stamps above came from the various Passport To.. unit studies we used. We just cut them out & he glues them into the little passport he keeps in his geography notebook.

Not a particularly busy week, but that's okay. We did spelling this week as well, Morgan managed to finish up a few more steps in the AAS book, & then when I had him tick them off I realised I'd somehow skipped step 8. I have no idea how I managed it. Apparently in the same way that I'd never fully explained syllables to him before. Which we discovered this week. Next week will be full on again with only 3 weeks until our term break!

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Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like a fun day (and I was chuckling too that you thought a bit of school would get done).

Liked seeing your notebooking pages. Thanks for sharing those.