Friday, June 7, 2013

2013 Week In Review Week 16

It seems odd to be bringing our week to a close when we just recapped the last one, but it's true another week has come to an end here. The boys commented, many times over, that this week seemed so much shorter then last week. I have to say it was pretty short for me when I realised it wasn't Tuesday {again}, but Thursday. Tell me you have weeks like that!

We've played a lot with our schedule this year & finally found one that works really well for us, & results in that rather large pile of books being read through each morning. We actually read a few more as well, but the pile was close to toppling so I started another one.

It includes books from both boys Cores as well as our Aussie history books, devotionals & anything else we're reading for the day. In fact the only thing that I don't think is included in the pile are the books Morgan & I are reading through for his science this year. And maybe the Shakespeare book because there was a knock-down-drag-out over the book this week so I put it up on the shelf & told them it had to stay there until we were ready to use it again. Yeah, I know, weird kids who are willing to fight over Shakespeare.

We started a new song this week: Deep & Wide. I consider it a bit of a Classic considering I remember singing it in Sunday School as a child & while planning songs for this year I wasn't sure if the boys knew it or not. It's funny how songs that use to be common to sing eventually become replaced with others. Anyway, it's such a quick song it also gives us time to work on previous songs or to sing it a few times over.

We also continued on with Advance Australia Fair, which I brought up with music & lyrics via YouTube. Oh my goodness gracious me. Who knew it would be so hard to hunt down a simple cd of Classic Australian songs including Advance Australia Fair? Preferably not sung by a soprano women, because seriously I find it amazing people can sing that high, but we can't so we'd like the music for the pitch we can sing. If you know of a cd I'd love to hear about it, in the mean time my kids have taken to adding all sorts of insane flair to the ending of this song. Heaven help me!

We updated the memory box too. It was time for a new daily verse, all though that's not the one, because when it got to the point where the boys were saying the whole thing as soon as I picked up the box I realised I hadn't updated it since Term 1. Whoops. I still need to move a few things farther back in the box, but it was quite fun surprising them with a new verse this week.

Both boys started the week with what they call "Computer School", which were unit studies pertaining to what they are learning from Jayden was working on the Tiger Download-N-Go & Morgan was working on Passport To France this week. On the first day Morgan did it pretty much as it was written, but his day was really loaded so I suggested the next day that he only visit the stops included in the unit. It's a beautifully done study on France, but as we were studying this country outside of there as well this worked better for us. And yes, I made notebooking sheets to go along with their studies. The Passport To.. & Download-N-Go have lapbooking pieces, but I was after having them get specific information that pertained to what we were doing.

Morgan was thrown for a small loop when his book moved up to Trillions with place value. He became quickly overwhelmed trying to figure out how many zeroes he needed, so I took him outside & drew this number line on the driveway. We broke it off into sections for trillion, billion, million, thousands, hundreds. Each one is labeled above the box in a different colour chalk. I called out some random numbers & let him put them wherever he wanted on the number line, then he had to walk along it & read out the number to me. Then he did his math by writing the numbers from the book in the boxes, read the number aloud & wrote it in his book. Finally we grabbed one of our funky dice that goes from 0-9 & when a number came up he had to put it wherever he wanted. Then I had to walk the line & read the number to him. He absolutely loved using that number line all week, & I think we'll use it for a while longer until he's no longer feeling the love for it. Jayden used it a few times himself as well.

Monday we headed out semi-later in the day for a walk in the bush. We were hiking up a steep hill when we rang Mr S at work to verify we were following the right paths. They jump around, loop back, & are crazily numbered where we were. My conversation went a bit like, "Hey, don't panic, but I'm up in the tiers & I just need to verify that I go 1, 6, 16, 1. Am I on the right path?" "Um, yeah, that sounds right. Are you telling me you're lost?" "No, not yet. But if you get home & we're not there then we probably are." "Which path are you on right now?" "6, I'm headed up the steep hill." "Did you hit the Y yet?" "Uh, maybe.." Never fear, we did make it back, all though we nearly forgot to tell Mr S we were back home again!

While Jayden was working on some Panda origami {which we never got a photo of} Morgan did a 3D puzzle of the Eiffel tower. I picked several different ones up at a cheap shop before they closed down knowing they'd be fun for him this year. He was delighted with this one, but came out looking sullen. Turned out the book I had him listening to, Treasures Of The Snow, was a little sad at the start. I assured him it gets way better.

I also had the Arc de Triumphe that he put together. This one was a little bit tricker as the instructions are all in pictures & not words. It doesn't seem to matter how many pieces you have the instructions seem to all be 4 steps as well. He still enjoyed it & then loved reading about it & watching a video to match. All though he kept referring to Napoleon as "That short little guy" thanks to National Treasure 2. On the flip side, at least he remembered the historical value behind this nifty landmark!

We finished up Romeo & Juliet this week. The boys are really loving this book on Shakespeare. I'm not sure why, to be honest, except that the each one is written very much in story form. They are gentle & easy to understand. Despite that I do read them with Morgan & we swap reading pages as we work through each chapter & book. Jayden likes to sit in on the stories too & insisted on looking ahead after we finished Chapter 5 on Wednesday. Each play is broken down into 6 chapters, which is what caused the knock-down-drag-out. Jayden peeped ahead & then kept hinting at what would happen & Morgan became really cross with him. The funniest part of the whole incident to me was that when Morgan knew we'd read Romeo & Juliet he asked what the point was, ".. we all know they both die!" Turns out there's a Charles Dickens book like this as well that I'm thinking of obtaining so we can read too. After reading about Shakespeare & Dickens while studying the British Isles both boys have became rather captured by the men.

Morgan also reviewed division with remainders this week. He had a minor freak out over it because he couldn't get the answers evened out & it just threw him for a loop. So I pointed out that we use Math U See & thus we could work with our nifty blocks to see the math. Second day working on the lesson he said, "I'm not sure why I was panicking, I did this stuff last year, it's pretty easy you know." I think we're nearly to the point where we may need to slow down with him, but we'll see. I'm pretty certain we'll be taking our time as soon as we hit long division. Jayden on the other hand still seems to be moving quickly through his book. He did trip with place value to a small degree, but once he used the number line on the driveway that sorted itself out quickly. We'll see where next week takes us!

Morgan worked on a nerve necklace this week. Most of his science this week was review if you're doing 5 day Sonlight F science. Which, we are. You spend the first 8-9 weeks learning about the brain on the 5th day of the week, but then when you hit week 10 you learn about the brain in the "everyday" studies section. It wasn't bad to have a review, & as we read about nerves again I pulled out this fun little necklace to make. He was keen to put it on along with his brain hat & then he & Mr S made hideous brain & nerve jokes all night long. Never mind that we had to run to the shop, the jokes just kept coming to which I finally turned around & said, "You two have some nerve!!"

Morgan wrapped up his country study on France this week. He was pretty keen for this one as he's always loved France. All his geography skills are starting to come together with our daily practice of "where is.." in regards to European countries we've all ready studied. It came in handy for labeling mountain ranges & oceans on the map he's working on in that photo. I really loved the notebooking pages this week for France, especially the one on French History. We're using the ones from Winter Promise's Children Around The World. Jayden's been sitting in on all our geography lessons so I'm thinking of ordering him a set as well. He'd be pretty keen for it.

We hit land this week & read about Botany Bay in one of our spines. I really love that particular book on Australian history for our spine. Don't get me wrong, Our Sunburnt Country is nice, but I think it leans way too far to the wrong side in making it sound a little too "happy as" for everything that was happening. I like the more no nonsense approach with this Scholastic version. We're still reading Voyage To Botany Bay which is about a crew of Frenchman who were headed to Botany Bay as the French also wanted to claim the land as a port for themselves as well. It's been an interesting read thus far, all though more about the characters in the book then the actual history of the time or the land itself.

After our reading this week from our spine I had Morgan take notes in the same manner he's learning to do in Writing With Skill. We chose which notes were worthy for our needs & which ones weren't & then put them in a Chronological order that fit what we were writing about. This was a new way to narrate to me for him & while he did it, he stumbled just a little bit but the end result was well done. We added a couple of cheesey graphics because we couldn't find what we wanted, a boat similar in style to what would have been used by the First Fleet.

And just as a side note, despite his lack of appearance in the photos Jayden really did join us for school each day this week! He's gotten funny about photos, but I bet if I'd pulled it out at swim lessons he'd have been happy to pose. He's become a little fish! Both boys are still working on perfecting their dives, but have a second week to continue practicing as lessons this week were full on with stroke practice. Not too shabby of a week, which is nice because next week will be a really short week for us!


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Awesome week! I love the outdoor chalk place value and the 3D puzzles. They are wonderful.
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