Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2013 Week In Review: Week 15

Last week was such a busy crazy week I'm only just now writing up our recap on it! It might have been one of the longest weeks we've had in a while, except maybe the week prior when people were sick & out of sorts. Either way, it was a crazy long week.

We had a frenzied Monday evening in which we had to pack Mr S up to get him ready for his early departing plane in the morning. The job he's been working on for the past couple of years has been heavily guarded & kept deep under wraps. In fact his family was beginning to think it was just a mythical job, all though we assured him he was off to work every morning & worked in a real building, etc. Alas.. Anyway, the point is the product was finally ready to be semi-revealed to the public & that meant a major business convention on the mainland!

Saturday prior to this week in review, Morgan made this lovely cupcake for his cousin's birthday. Isn't it beautiful? All though frankly I just wanted to eat the cupcake when he was done! The project came from the lovely Art Projects For Kids which is loaded with wonderful ideas, most of which I've flagged to do, but seem to put off. I've been trying to encourage the kids to do things on their own as gifts for others & this idea was just what Morgan was after. We altered it slightly in that we did not have any watercolour paper on hand. We use to, but apparently we were out. He also drew his slightly differently which took many tries to get so he was perfectly happy with it.

Tuesday Morning Mr S was off to the mainland. He left before the sun had risen, & while I got up with him someone else came to take him to the airport. Around the time I thought he'd be boarding I was a little surprised not to hear from him to say that's what he was doing, but 5 minutes later I get a message that his flight is delayed. Sydney was completely fogged in & he was one of those unfortunate flights grounded, twice!! Anyway, he tried to FaceTime with us, but was having a spotty reception in the airport & when it finally kicked in we had the worst faces you can imagine on. There was heaps of laughter from him & workmates before his signal went out. A few minutes later this photo interrupted our lovely lessons. To say the kids were laughing was a bit of an understatement.  I love how Mr S looks like he's photobombing his own photo, don't you?

After that it was all business as normal around here. We're still doing a hymn a month, but this month we added in Advance Australia Fair as it dawned on me the boys know The Star Spangled Banner, but not AAF in full.  We're still using our multiplication fact cards daily when we do our Memory Box, & will most likely be doing them at least through next year considering where I see each child being mathematically in that time frame. The boys only had a trial run of AAF last week as it was our review month for previously learned hymns & songs. So each day they got to pick what they wanted to sing & I picked one. Fun times!

Despite the look of boredom on his face he really does enjoy science. It's all Biology for him this year & we were embarking upon DNA that particular day. His only complaint with Sonlight's Science F is that there aren't as many hands on experiments, so I pulled out a few things for him to work on. Not experiments exactly, but in this particular picture he's working on a nerve necklace. He doesn't often finish these in one day as our science reading generally only takes 10-15 minutes.

Still savouring our way through The Return Of The Word Spy. This book starts with a variety of "quiet" languages. The boys were really excited to know sign language would be in the book, but mystified by the 2 hand Aussie alphabet. I know that feeling. First time I saw someone doing it I was sitting there spelling with them thinking, "why on earth are you using two hands when we can accomplish this with one?!" Yeah, I never stopped to consider that sign language is different in each country, all though we learned there is an international version too. Oh me-oh my!

Jayden wrapped up some outstanding Animal World fun. Ignore the blurr, it's a shame though because that owl chick is swallowing a mouse hole & you can see the tail sticking out of it's mouth. We're moving a bit more slowly through his AW core then I'd intended, but he's not minding too much & seems to be enjoying it which is key.

There was a lot of multitasking last week too as I attempted to fold laundry & oversea a variety of lessons. No, we're not using the Apologia book on the table, I'd pulled it out to check for experiments to use with our Sonlight Science. Ignore the messy computer desk, Mr S didn't get to it before he left for his business trip.

Morgan was still doubling up on math lessons last week & coping more then well enough with it. Yes, he's a lefty, & yes he's always held his pencil just like that. No hand arching no turning it funny, nothing. I've always struggle when people have asked how, for a lefty, we taught him to hold a pencil because we didn't.

We had swim practice twice last week, again, & swim lessons as well. The boys have practiced hard working on their stroke but need to work on their dives now. Pretty sure they were only working on funny faces in this photo though. They are absolutely loving their swim time & were especially delighted last week when they were set up to race their coach. The theory was that if they could beat him in the breast stroke they'd get to do free jumps in for the remained of the class, but if he won they'd have to swim laps, underwater, for the remainder. They managed to beat him, but I'm more then certain that there was a lot of cheating involved. Mostly with my yellow capped child who decided to do freestyle to the end of the pool & then jump up screaming, "YES!!!"

Caring for the neighbor's dog counts as community skills, right? They were dutiful to play fetch with her for a while each day when we stopped in to feed her. Our own dog was miffed each time that he wasn't invited along.

Of course our own dog licked his wounds when they took him for a walk on a local path. You know, until we had the beejeepers scared out of us when a wallaby jumped out of the bush in front of us, gawked at us, & then jumped right back where it came from. Despite the look of the photo it was quite foggy & dusky too, & the crazy wildlife caught us off guard.

Friday Mr S was due back in, but not until quite late, & I was pretty suspicious of delays due to bad weather again. So I planned a little party for the boys for Friday. We had homemade pizza & a fondu night. All of which was wheat & dairy free believe it or not. Morgan studied Switzerland this week so a fondu dip for the evening was a perfect wrap up. We'd popped into the grocery earlier in the day & grabbed some lovely cherries, a few varieties of apples, & some bananas. Then we sliced it all up & dipped away. Our fondu was made from dairy free chocolate chips {we prefer the Sunspire brand} & coconut milk. I heat up the coconut milk enough to melt the chocolate chips & then we dip away. If you let it sit it will thicken up into a lovely consistency to ice a cake with too. Mr S rolled in around 1 am & the boys were so impressed they'd stayed awake the whole time. Not like an of us would have been able to sleep with Jayden's face glued to the giant window saying, "Come on Daddy hurry up before I have to go to bed!"

A bit of a slower week for us as I wasn't feel top notch until Thursday. At which point my boys had put in enough effort for the week they were ready for the homeschool group playdate. Not a bad week, by any means, though. I can't believe this marks the halfway point of Term 2 though. This term is certainly moving quicker then the last one.

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Whispered Abundance said...

I love your flashcards with the "picture numbers" on them. Did you make them? buy them? I'm looking for some similar for addition facts.

Thanks for sharing all that you :)