Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Hike: Arboretum

We were crossing over that bridge to go check out a tree the boys helped plant 5 years ago, when we spotted some things down in the water that caused us to back track & go check them out.

Check out the size of the leaf we found growing down there. It's what distracted us from our original objective.

Jayden was suppose to be inspecting the bark of the tree when he got distracted & decided to climb it. Needless to say his brother joined him. They debated going to the top while Mr S was chatting with our neighbor.

Beautiful colours. There was a gorgeous red behind it, but we were determined, at this point, to get to the pond & look for the platy!

We walked the long way round because it's not a trip to the Arbo without a visit to the Black Swans. They are incredibly personal & generally come up carrying on looking to see if you have anything for them.

There's a new playtpus & water bird hide, or new since we were last in which has been a while, so we stopped there to spot out the platy. We spotted him several times over & then cleared out for another family who was eager to spot what the boys were talking about. 

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reader19 said...

Love your photo's!!!!! So gorgeous!!